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24-07-2007, 10:38 PM
I have made this forum so that guests can no longer post, due to stupid amounts of spam.

If you register an account for this purpose, it will not be activated.
It will be deleted and your IP address will be banned straight away.

Any accounts we suspect have been registered for this purpose will be deleted.
When you register, and your account is activated, you must post a message within 48 hours of activation, or your account will also be deleted. This can even be a post in the welcome section, just saying hello.

But be warned, if you sign up to purposely spam, you will not be here long.
This is a good little community here and we do not need spam, and myself and Rick don't intend to let it happen.

If you have a real interest in joining the site, and are having trouble, then please EMAIL ME, do not try to post on this site as you will not be allowed until registered.

Thank you.

The Admin Team.

To send an email to the Admin Team, go to http://www.euro-nova.co.uk and click on the contact button.