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17-08-2007, 07:51 PM

This is the contact for the Club Nova Avante man who is supposed to have organised discounted windscreens - in the 300 and something range rather than 400 and something - though you have to a collect the screen yourself. I haven't contacted him myself, so if you try and there are any problems, let me know sharpish!!

19-04-2008, 07:49 AM
And thanks to Lauren who has been organising her screen with Pilkingtons, we now have contact details for people wanting to go direct:

The general manager of the low-volume laminating facility at Queenborough is Peter Swann (peter.swann@pilkington.com), and the full postal address of the facility is

Unit 4
Queenborough Business Park
Main Road
Kent ME11 5BB

Telephone 01795 596100

The Nova part number, as many of you know, is A0573. When I ordered my screen I asked for confirmation that the purchase of the screen printing frame and photo processing (together amounting to 460) was a one-off, non-recurring expense, as I felt that other Nova owners might want to take advantage of this service in the future (in fact, exactly what has happened).

I have written confirmation that these costs were one-time only, so unless Pilkington have destroyed the tooling (which I cannot believe), black banding should be available as an option for A0573.