View Full Version : East coast US show - Carlisle

28-03-2008, 03:27 AM
Is coming very soon! May 16-18 are the dates, though typically the Saturday part of the show is the busiest. Friday everyone is arriving and setting up; Sunday everyone has broken down their displays and out by 1pm. In talking with Dave of Sterling Sports, he's going to try to have a new body pulled for the show and sitting on the new production chassis. He's also trying to talk a guy who owns an electric powered Sebring to bring it to the show and keep it at Dave's booth.
I won't be going all out like I did last year and renting tents and goodies like that. While it was fun, there was zero return on investment, although ten club members did show from across the country which was great! This year I'm scaling way back to let Dave have the glory, and I'll likely only be there for Saturday with my dune buggy (if I can get time to finish the thing...)

But for fans of non-kit oriented import cars, there is always a great selection of vintage MG's, Triumphs and the like. Last year was a grand showing for the TVR club; some 40-odd cars of all vintages were there.

Come on out! http://www.carsatcarlisle.com