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29-04-2008, 10:06 PM
A potentially useful bit of info;-
One of the center plates on one of my 1985 vintage Wolfrace thrust wheels has a crack in the bolt head recess where somebody..... (ahem) :whistling: overtightened it , they are only cast alluminium probably about 1mm thick, Its still servicable but I know its there and its been bugging me so I decided to phone Wolfrace who are in my neck of the woods to see if replacements are available , fully expecting them to say "no chance" after all these years.... which is exactly what they did say ( they dont keep anything after 5 to 6 years ) .
However they did give me a phone number for a company called Wheel-Right.
They dont have a website or id have posted the link , they bought/buy all wolfrace's old stock so i gave them a call and the contact name i was given is a chap called John.
He was very helpful and knew precisely what i wanted, he said he has boxes and boxes of old wolfrace stuff and is certain he has what im after, I just need to give him a few days to go searching through the boxes, He was happy for me to post the phone number so if any one else is after obsolete wolfie bits they might be worth a call.
WHEEL RIGHT....... Ask to speak to John
Tel:- 01775 840180.
Dave. :D

30-04-2008, 08:45 AM
Thanks for that Dave, I've moved it to the traders forum for you :)