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15-05-2008, 04:58 PM
I was wondering, could you take this...http://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp ... D16%2D2129 (http://www2.cip1.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=C13%2D16%2D2129) and mount it upside down. The reservoirs, can they be removed and flipped? Would there be problems with the seals matching up again?
The reason I ask, is I am going to have a serious leg room problem. As it appears now, my legs will probably be in the way of me steering and shifting. I'm trying to get a little more leg extension room in the car. Thanks for any input.

15-05-2008, 05:14 PM
Hi Nic - there's no reason in principle why you can't do that. The master cylinder mountings are probably symmetrical so they can be flipped over. The optional roller throttle pedal (well, the crank bit anyway) should work upside down. The only issue I can think of is the mass of the cast base, which is designed to bolt to the floorpan. You would need some hefty reinforcement under the dash to support it.

Over here (maybe Stateside too) there are outlets that supply pendant pedal boxes which are made from pressed steel and might be easier to integrate. The usual patterns are Mk1 or Mk2 Ford Escort, usually with hydraulic clutch and twin brake cylinders with a balance bar (useful for getting the brake bias right, particularly in a Nova/Sterling).

Or you could fabricate your own pedal box - Green Machine uses an Alfa Romeo hinge support and pedals with the brake pedal modified to accept twin master cylinders and a bias bar, but I do have a steel bulkhead to attach it to...

Good luck with the footroom problem, you are not alone I'm afraid!


15-05-2008, 06:01 PM
I've got the exact same set sitting here in a box, Nic. The assemblies can be flipped with little effort; the problem comes in with the physical size of the unit - the fluid reservoirs are much bigger than they look. That said, I'll have to dig them out again to take another look. I had, at one time, considered splitting the mount and putting the reservoirs on the opposite side of the firewall with extended plungers to the pedal(s), much like the existing VW brake setups. I think the plungers can be removed from the arms - I'll check when I get a moment. If you're looking to simply upgrade to a hydraulic clutch, it may be just as easy to use another VW master cylinder, and replace the clutch pedal with another brake pedal setup. All you'd need to do then is drill a few holes for the plunger shaft, rather than trying to fabricate something to hold a larger pedal box. Just a thought...