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06-06-2008, 01:46 PM
who here has updated their pedal cluster?
I am looking at the difference between using Pendant / Hung pedals VS the stock pedal location.
Or going for a full aftermarket setup (hydro blah blah blah)...

Please discuss what you've got in your car, pro's-cons, and how it works out for you?

Thank you for any knowledge shared...

08-06-2008, 10:32 AM
Got a firewall-mount aftermarket jobby in there at the mo, which I don't like - wrong location & spongy flexible mounting. Not nice to drive hard. :(

Will be replaced soon with the Tilton 600-series floor-mount (that's pretending to be a wing mirror in the crap pic below). Haven't used it in the Nova yet, but have in a different car & it's the dogs. Firm, precise, comfortable. :cool1:


PS. The old one will be available as soon as it's out if anyone's interested.

08-06-2008, 11:16 AM

After the wonderful write up - "wrong location & spongy flexible mounting" - you may not get too many takers :laugh:

08-06-2008, 08:38 PM

After the wonderful write up - "wrong location & spongy flexible mounting" - you may not get too many takers :laugh:

Bugger - thought I'd added a winky at the end, but must've missed it. :oops2:

Lucky I'm not a salesman then. :rofl:

09-06-2008, 07:59 AM
Hi Josh - floor mount pedals are supposed to mimic the movement of the foot (hinged at the ankle), and are therefore considered by many to be better than pendant (overhead hinge) pedals. That's only true for certain seating positions, and for many drivers having the pedals move down instead of up when being operated just "feels" wrong somehow. I fall into the latter camp, and modified the bolt-in pedal box from my Alfasud donor to accommodate dual brake master cylinders with a balance bar. I retained the stock hydraulic clutch M/C but used AP Racing remote fluid reservoirs.


Its pretty obvious to see why many racecars adopt floor hinged pedals - there just isn't enough height above the drivers feet to put the master cylinders. Notice on my set-up that much of the fluid reservoir is below the height of the M/C's - which is OK as long as you keep the air out of the system, but not ideal.

The other problem is the stiffness of the bulkhead and supporting framework near the hinge locus. Its much easier find this rigidity in the floorpan, certainly in the Nova/Sterling. TGM has a steel bulkhead between the upper and lower frame and the pedal box is braced longitudinally to the centre "tunnel" frame as well. The Alfa pedal box is a thick steel pressing which seems to locate the pedals well. Because I am using dual brake cylinders (minimum bore size, 0.6"), with no servo assistance, the brake needs a firm push to get the brakes going, but there is no evidence of flex so it can be made to work.

As I say, I prefer pendant mount to floor mount, but in fairness my experience with the standard factory-modified Nova pedals (shortened, but without the throttle pedal extension necessary to correct the angle for the lower seating position) was not pleasant :D

Tilton do a good range of bolt-in pedal boxes, both in overhead and floor-mount. If properly located, I don't see why either type shouldn't work, provided that a suitably rigid location can be found.