View Full Version : Midlands Italian Car Day (MITCAR) - August 10th

23-09-2008, 05:40 PM
Just a handful of pictures from this excellent show, organised by the Alfa Romeo owners club, but open to all Italian (or nearly all Italian :D) cars. This was the featured event for the Alfasud register, so guess where I get to park?
Weather was a bit squally, with strong winds and a bit of rain, but I managed to find some sunshine!
The field was a bit boggy in places, and the long grass made it look like Green Machine was grounded!
Holdenby House is just outside Northampton, and the visitors centre is in the stable block adjacent to the house itself, which is not currently open to the public. This means that the very imposing gravel drive leading up to the main entrance was completely clear of cars and members of the Public. Which can mean only one thing...

...Photo shoot!
This was my first long journey relying entirely on the telecam - I haven't used the interior rearview mirror (except for re-applying lippy) since.

Every bit as good as Caulke Abbey was last year, in spite of the inclement weather. Roll on MITCAR 2009!


23-09-2008, 11:37 PM
Nice pictures Lauren,

You get a clearer view of how low the Nova roof line is when it's sat next to "normal" cars. The roof on the reek is nearly always open or it's up on axle stands so I have forgoten just how low they sit.

Next year I hope to see you on the road somewhere.

24-09-2008, 06:59 AM
Looking forward to it mate, although the sound of your sonerous V6 will make me hang my head in shame, or at least hatch feverish plans to fit an Alfa V6...

It always takes me by surprise too, on the road its not as obvious that your eyeline is level with most cars door handles :D