View Full Version : Classic Alfa Track Day, 11th April 2009

20-04-2009, 09:17 PM
Well, this was the second of the three events I attended with Green Machine over the Easter bank holiday weekend - Classic Alfa are a parts supplier for (you guessed it) classic Alfas, which according to the marque purists are the 101 and 105 series cars, including the "Graduate" spider and the fabulous Montreal V8 GTs.

Still spluttering with an unconfirmed induction leak, I puttered down to Goodwood to do a bit of spectating. The weather was still a bit dreary, with occasional drizzle, but nothing as bad as the previous day! This is what I found...


Green Machine parked up next to Harry F's lovely 105 series 1600 Giulia coupe. Harry has just had his brakes upgraded to 2000 GTV spec, so I purchased his nearly new 1600 brakes off him to continue my front upright replacement programme. As well as going all-Alfa, it gives me the opportunity of reducing my scrub radius without having to re-design both my upper and lower wishbones and purchase a new pair of front wheels with more offset...


Another mood shot...


Tail end of an ex-Scuderia Portello (Marco Cajani's semi-factory sponsored race team) 101 series Giulietta


Nice Bertie


This lovely Montreal (nice colour :D) runs a set of four downdraft Weber 40 IDFs instead of the customary Spica fuel injection, and has a fantastic growl on the move...


Overhead shot of the pit line. More pictures on the way from this event when I get my pictures developed on Wednesday...

Of course the hat trick was doing Detling on Monday.