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27-04-2009, 10:01 AM
Hi all,

As you probably all know Nena has been on the road for a little over a year now, and successfully passed two MOts with the current log book stating body type Saloon, Model: Beetle.

I have slowly updated the logbook - one submission at a time, so she is now correctly identified as Blue, Engine Size 1641, and number of seats 2.

Do I risk trying to change body type to Coupe, or even utilize the variant/version boxes below Beetle to add Nova ?

Or would you leave it alone ?

Any ideas gratefully received,

27-04-2009, 11:40 AM
I'd like to know the out come as well. On the first MOT the inspector did ask why it still said saloon. I told him I sent the paper work away with all the changes and that is how it came back. Colour, engine size, seats all correct. He did add NOVA to the only screen entry box he could and said that it would print on the MOT, but it didn't.

So for now I'll just keep quiet and rack up a few more MOT's unless good news is around the corner.


Big Birds Car
27-04-2009, 01:01 PM
I have said it before and will again if you get the chance then get it correctly registered as things will only get more and more problematic as time goes by. Years ago it didn't matter now it has become an issue and costs money usually.
I can't give specific pointers on this but Alex maybe a good source as I believe he changed his in recent years.
If I buy another kit car of any type it will be one correctly registered as the aggro getting cars through IVA (as it is now) or even having the DVLA "check" the car over (as I had with a previous kit that they pulled the registration from) is too much worry, especially if you have spent a fair bit of money on the build up.

27-04-2009, 06:29 PM
I had mine changed to Nova after a worrying visit to the Truro DVLA office a couple of years back - But the MOTers still can't input that into their computer checkbox..... so it still has to be a Beetle at MOT time despite what it says on the logbook :crash: :crash: :crash: Crazy or what?

Big Birds Car
27-04-2009, 09:06 PM
Well just to go a bit further on this bear with me as I will write exactly what I got from Adrian Flux Insurers with regards my Chevy Suburban recently, note that this vehicle has been in the country since about 6 months after been bought by an English bloke brand new in the states and brought over in 1997 and I have owned it and insured it with Flux for the last 5/6 years.

"Due to the introduction of the M.I.D. (motor insurance database), it has now become necessary for all insurance companies to provide full details of all motor insurance policies to this database. This is in order for the policy to detect fraudulent drivers.
In order for this to work properly and efficiently all insurance companies have had to check all the vehicle details on their files against those stored at central DVLA.
After checking these details an invalid response has come back against your vehicle registration mark or that it is not a match to the vehicle on the insurance policy"

It then gives my vehicle details that they have on file. The difference between what they have on file and what the V5C states is they have Chevrolet Suburban, engine size 7400 year of manufacture 1/1/1997, the difference is that the V5C states year of manufacture declared 1997, first registered 20/05/1997 and make Chevrolet Estate 7400

Make of it what you wish but to my mind the powers that be are trying very hard to close any loopholes in registrations etc. and will eventually whittle all of them out of the system and if you are not correctly registered I wouldn't mind betting you will end up with a possible 500 fee for an IVA test and a lot of work to get your pride and joy through it.
I have no doubt that you could get a Nova through the test but it would entail a lot of mods that you would then want to convert back again once you had the test passed (Just like the Jester) For instance you would definately need wing mirrors that would need to be on stalks (Honda C90 work well for Sylva's and the Locost builders) Removal of the canopy, radiusing of the front leading edge of the body plus all the interior bodywork, padded steering wheel, collapsable steering column, lift the front end for headlight alignment, add rear fog warning, seatbelts at a pre determined height off of the seat base and various other bits and pieces.

I have had to photo copy my V5C and send it to Flux so they can decide on what needs changing and by who and this is on a none modified vehicle, if you have told the insurance company you have a Nova and they check and it comes back as a beetle then you will end up in the same position and have to try to justify what is what and cross your fingers. :crossfinger:
Good Luck to you all.

28-04-2009, 12:17 PM
Hmm - very interesting BBC. I have had a similar experience, for what I believe to be different reasons. To the best of my knowledge the Green Machine was registered as a "Nova 1500 - 2-axle rigid body sports" around the time of its construction, around the late 70s - early 80s. It retained its 69 "G" plates because that was the policy at the time - the "Q" prefix did not come into force until '85 or thereabouts.

I had a go at renewing my tax disc online last year, but when I entered the vehicle details as requested the response was to chuck me out with no explanation. I wondered at the time if the new computer MoT had had a problem (it was my first computer MoT), but now I'm not so sure - perhaps in some obscure corner of the DVLA database my car is still recorded as a VW Beetle?

I used the DVLA archive search facility to obtain the details of previous keepers of my Barracuda a few years ago, and all of the documentation I got back was second-generation photocopies of the original paper logbooks, so there was clearly no database in use it that time. I keep meaning to do a similar exercise for the Nova, but DVLA seem to be rather busy keeping up with all the draconian regulations coming into force :annoyed:

Personally I don't think it is right to expect a 40 year old design to pass a modern test, so I'm hiding behind my classic status and hoping I'll get a few more years use out of the car before I have to give up and start walking (I've told you before I am NOT buying a modern car. EVER. So the Government and the SMMT can take their 2000 scrap-a-car-and-buy-a-new-one incentive and... do something unmentionable with it!)


Big Birds Car
28-04-2009, 01:13 PM
Personally I don't think it is right to expect a 40 year old design to pass a modern test, so I'm hiding behind my classic status and hoping I'll get a few more years use out of the car before I have to give up and start walking

I don't think you will ever have to do that if your Nova is stated on a current V5C as just that a "NOVA" but if it states beetle or saloon I do forsee problems ahead so my advise would be get all documentation right and get any evidence you can to prove that it was like that years ago.

Oh this is from someone who has just been penalised for not declaring one of my cars as SORN as I didn't get the reminder and so didn't realise. Two others arrived at the time the third one should have done and I duelly declared SORN on line for them, then out the blue I get a fine for not doing a SORN on the third vehicle, my fault apparently and the fact that I have nothing to gain by not declaring and that the other two were done straight away is of no consequence and you can't use the postoffice failure to deliver or the DVLA mixup as a defence and so the THEIVING b%st%rds now have 40 towards paying off the trillions of pounds they have just borrowed, so please be aware that I am single handedly trying to get this country back on it's feet.

28-04-2009, 08:24 PM
I guess that is one of the downsides of having a car menagerie :(

I must admit I had quite a collection of log books and my Honda C90 custom (what do you get if you cross a C90 with an SS50 Sport, a Puch M50 Sport and a Suzuki GS250 :whistling: ) when the Government started to threaten VED on all vehicles in your possesion, irrespective of whether they were roadworthy or not. So I scrapped them all...

I agree that I should be OK with a log book that does not state "VW" or "Beetle" anywhere, but it still does not explain why I continue to have a problem with the DVLA recognising anything other than a SORN application. Its almost as if their database is looking for a match against a known vehicle make and model - when I put in Make = Nova, Model = 1500, as shown in the logbook - no dice.

I'm sure they're out to get us all in the end, but I'm serious about not buying a new car. I'll just have to bring forward plans for "Project 72V LIPO power KMX Kart"... :bleh:


29-04-2009, 11:18 AM
When I bought the chassis that my Nova currently sits on I sent the V5 off for a change of address and at the same time changed: Colour, engine number, 4 seats to 2 and Saloon to Coupe. It all came back changed, with no queries, and has passed the MOT as such.


29-04-2009, 05:43 PM
I've just figured it out - DVLA now have a database that cross-checks your insurance details with their vehicle records. Flux seem to insist on calling my car a "Volkswagen Nova" even though they aknowledge that there is no VW base for the car. I was very insistent on this, and refused to drive on their insurance until they confirmed (in writing) that accepted all of the modifications I had done. Their explanation was that the insurance underwriters recognise a "Volkswagen Nova" as the kit car that we all know and love.

Anyway, this is the root of my problem with the DVLA - their records (and my log book) say "Nova 1500", while my insurance entry says "Volkswagen Nova", and because of the discrepancy I can't do anything online except declare SORN.

I was wondering what was up!


Big Birds Car
29-04-2009, 09:41 PM
Sounds like a light bulb moment there Lauren.

Now you have the basis for why, how are you going to cure the issue or are you going to leave it as is? I still maintain you won't have any problems due to what is on the V5C.

30-04-2009, 07:04 AM
If only we could find a way to get definitive answers for all of the MOT, SVA and DVLA questions. A lot of problems would be solved that way.

Big Birds Car
30-04-2009, 07:46 AM
If only we could find a way to get definitive answers for all of the MOT, SVA and DVLA questions. A lot of problems would be solved that way.

The problem with that is the DVLA is a law unto itself as seen on watchdog the other night by all accounts. I didn't see it myself but a shortened version is that when people have sent in their driving licences to have points on or change of address or something similar they have come back with items missing, one of them was a Police motorcyclist, he got his back only to find out he no longer had the bike test on his licience, they said he would have to take the test again as they had no record, he sent in sworn statements (there is a name for it but I can't spell it)from his police force but they refused to accept this and he has to take his test again at his expense.
There were others but as far as the DVLA are concerned they are right and you are wrong.
I have had a few issues as you might expect with the number of vehicles in the family and for the past two to three years I have photo copied everything I send to them and send it recorded delivery. This might sound strange or I have more time on my hands than most or I'm just well organised (definately not that one look at the garage). but having been caught out on a number of occassions I decided the best plan of action was to do as above.

30-04-2009, 08:14 AM
I agree and from previous experience you are right about the DVLA. A bunch of cowboys would get things done quicker and more cleanly.
BUT, there must be some way to get through to them to make things easier :ermm:

01-05-2009, 07:52 PM

mine comes up as Nova 2 seats, but is states orange Vw beetle on the V5. MOT'd as a rebodied beetle, i use footman james for Ins

01-05-2009, 10:27 PM
Hi all

I took Gizmo for MOT today wile having baught track rodends :cry: DJHarry did upgrade the front beem to the later 1975 ends :cool1: how was I to know they did not fit and Gizmo has a VT30 Refusal of an MOT Test Certificate. Now all factors are closed so no parts :crylol: I will do my best to get Gizmo so stone's.

The MOT Station had Gizmo in the computer so all good that told the MOT man what to test. :cool1:

If you have a Historick rebodied Beetle that is a definitive answers. you do not need DVLA or VOsa because they aint got a glue what to do., :rofl:... A song in there some where..... Mike of pink passion???


02-05-2009, 12:21 AM
Mine states the following

Vehicle Make/Model: VOLKSWAGEN NOVA PL30

PL30 is the first of the reeks but I thought best to call it a nova for simplicity sake.


02-05-2009, 05:06 AM
First was the Sport (practically same as a Nova), then PL30, then F4 (http://www.eurekacarclub.com.au/page/models.htm).