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Mr Whippy
15-07-2009, 10:40 PM
For Sale - MK2 Nova

£2000 or very close offer.






Originally built in 1985 on a 1971 Beetle swing axle chassis.

I bought the car in 2002 in a dismantled state on a “Y” plate, and since I have rebuilt it and refurbished many of the mechanical parts along the way. In 2006 I obtained an age related plate for the car as the chassis was manufactured in 1971 so the car is now in the “historic” free taxation class. I have lots of photos taken during the rebuild, which I will include on CD.

However the car still needs painting and interior trim to finish but personal circumstances mean I no longer have the time to finish the project hence the sale.

It has 12 months MOT and 12 months tax (Both till the end of June 2010.)

New Pilkington laminated windscreen fitted last year.

Porsche teledial alloys with Pirelli fronts (plenty of tread left) and new Avon rear tyres (less than 2000 miles) - all in very good condition.

Disc brakes front and rear, (Beetle front discs & calipers, Golf MK 3 rear callipers on Porsche 914 discs), Goodridge flexible brake hoses, Type 3 larger bore master cylinder (New ATE cylinder in 2005), and all brake pipes and all caliper seals renewed in 2005. Hubs are 4 stud VW and have 5 stud Porsche adaptors fitted.

1300 singleport VW engine, heads overhauled, 3 angled and ported, new exhaust valves and guides, stainless Autocavan silencer, full flow oil filtering system with remote mounted oil filter, Scat deep sump. Doghouse upgrade to later oil cooler, tinware, alternator and larger fan. CB rotary electric fuel pump with safety cut off feature. Starts and runs well with good oil pressure and consistent low oil temps. Pulls better than your average 1300 SP engined VW. I was originally planning an upgrade to 1776 or larger but I no longer have the time.

Chassis has dropped floorpans, I have taken it back to bare metal top and bottom, primed it with 2 pack etch primer and painted it. I have cross braced the rear shock absorber towers and also braced them to the gearbox cradle to prevent frame horn flex with bigger engines. Front beam braced back to floorpan front corners (bolt on). Spax adjustable shocks all round. New balljoints and track rod ends fitted, New urethane shift rod coupling. Chassis internally waxoyled. I have built a front end “flop stopper” subframe to reinforce the overhanging fibreglass front end and prevent stress cracks in the gelcoat on the wheel arches that are common on these cars. The seats are from a Bedford Rascal (I only fitted them to get it on the road) - and they will need either re-trimming or replacing to look smart.

It has a Mini fuel tank with flush fitting “aero” lockable filler cap. Seat belts are static but I have a pair of red harnesses that I will include if required. Almost all of the non structural bolts and fasteners I have used throughout the car are A2 stainless steel. I have fabricated aluminium panels to separate the fuel tank from the engine and filled all the voids between with sound and heat insulating rockwool.

The car has been fully re-wired from scratch to a high standard (all joints both crimped and soldered, and modern standard wire used) and many extra earthing points have been added. There is a custom blue LED “Start” switch on the dashboard. The headlight switches are mounted in the roof canopy, there are separate hot and cold air blower fans, TFT screen built into my 1 off custom aluminium dashboard for the rear view camera (supplied but not fitted but it does work), remote control hydraulic canopy with “quiet pack” type hydraulic pump. VDO oil temp and pressure gauges, centrally mounted VDO rev counter from a Porsche 944 (I think) and a VDO speedometer. Wiring diagrams are included in the sale along with lots of history, paperwork, resto photos on CD and other documents including the original Nova sales brochure and the official proof of age letter from VAG head office. Provision for modern ICE in the glovebox, also accessory / lighter socket. Front and rear speakers fitted.

The bodywork is still in it’s original factory red gelcoat (apart from the bonnet and the later MK4 rear panel). As the car has been sat outdoors on my driveway for several years the sunlight has faded the factory gelcoat (see the photos below) - so a paint job will be required to get the car looking smart. T cut helps a bit and it looks fine when it rains but it really does need a paint job to do it justice. I also designed and fitted a custom modified hinged rear window that opens for extra ventilation in the cockpit.

I have the original Nova Perspex headlight covers and they have seen better days, but they could be simply refitted or used as a pattern for new ones. I also have a rear spoiler (never fitted) that can be used if you do not like the rear louvre section.

I also started a project to fit Ford KA side mirrors to the car and I made a model (to use to make a mould) for a section that could be 'glassed into the canopy so that KA mirrors could be easily fitted. I will include the buck in case you want to continue where I left off. Ii tis finished, painted and waxed ready for making a mould.

The interior needs retrimming & carpeting.

Bad points - The paint - The interior trim - Fuel gauge not working (faulty tank sender) - The 2nd remote keyfob is missing. (hopefully it will turn up soon) Speedometer reads a bit too low. Occasionally the roof sticks but can be freed easily.

Asking price - £2000 or very close offer.

The car is in Preston. Lancashire, UK.

Email - dave.whipp1 (AT) btinternet.com

Dave Whipp.

16-07-2009, 07:39 AM
What a shame you have to sell after all that hard work Dave - if I wasn't already equipped and with waaay to many other projects you'd have a buyer here and now...... :(

16-07-2009, 09:22 AM
would be very interested in this can you give me a ring thanks owen nw 07773242816 home 02871358867 or 02871358804

17-07-2009, 02:35 PM
dave what method of hot/cold blower did you use.

17-07-2009, 06:57 PM
You've lost that '?' mark AGAIN Jim :cursing:

Mr Whippy
17-07-2009, 08:20 PM
Sold to Owen :cheers:

There was a cold air blower fitted in the passenger footwell when I bought the car - I'm not sure what it came from originally. It's fitted behind the passenger front wheel and I've connected pipes up to it so it blows out of the air vents in the dash and also into the footwell.

For the hot air blower I've used a squirrel cage fan (from a VW camper I think) - it's mounted in front of the engine and I've made a metal "tray" that clamps round the J pipe for cyl 3 and picks up the hot air from around the J tube and the hot air from cyls 3 & 4. This is piped up so that the fan sucks in the hot air then blows it down the air tubes each side of the car, into the lower footwells and onto the windscreen.

It's not fantastic but it's better than nothing, and it will clear the screen in winter (eventually) :whistling:


17-07-2009, 08:26 PM
Congrats on the sale Dave - hope you won't miss it now it's gone........ :bye2:

17-07-2009, 10:16 PM
deal done and a gent to deal with owen nw :crossfinger:

Mr Whippy
17-07-2009, 10:27 PM
Alzax - Yes I will miss the Nova but to be honest I sort of "fell out" with it after the windscreen broke and even when I eventually managed to get one sorted through my insurance (specially made from Pilkingtons) I struggled to get the enthusiasm up to carry on with it.

Family matters have forced a move to a new house, and there's only room for one project now, that's my '66 completley stock looking sunroof beetle that's going to be going out with around 160bhp when it's finished. I've owned it since '87 so it's part of the family now !

You never know - I might go for another Nova one day - or perhaps a buggy ?