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30-08-2009, 06:00 PM
Alas, no pictures from me yet (but you could've guessed that), but an interesting Nova-related story came out of today's Breakfast Club. The theme was "Thoroughbred", with a further stipulation that the cars had to be pre-1966 to get entry. After the ticking off I got last time for not being "in theme", I parked the Green Machine in the "interesting cars" parking on the other side of the circuit - got a nice prominent spot too.

Its just as well, as this time the marshalls were strictly controlling entry policy - in theme and pre-66 cars had coloured windscreen stickers slapped on at the entrance to indicate to the other marshalls where they should be parked - so I guess I shouldn't have felt quite so victimised last time, they can't have been doing it just to keep me out!

Unfortunately it didn't stop a whole bunch of Cobra replicas getting in, a fake GT40 Mk2 and a Sebring (ahem) big Healey, um, "replica". Oh well - I felt better knowing that at least I was doing the right thing :thumbup:

Anyway, great cars, good weather. When I returned to Green Machine there were a couple of guys looking the car over, one of them with a distinctly North American accent. I got talking to him and his name is Peter Schomer (the "o" has umlauts), and he is a Canadian by birth, but now lives in nearby Chichester and is proprieter of Kieft Cars, who in the 1950's produced a successful line of Cooper 500 style F3 single seaters, amongst other things. Anyway, Peter explained that he used to sell the Sterling out of Vancouver B.C., under licence from California Component Cars. According to him there are something like 50 Canadian Sterlings over there, with powerplants ranging from VW to more extreme variants like the Olds 455 V8. He also says they produced several cars using Buick V6 engines (4.6 litre? GNX???).

Anyway, interesting conversation. He gave me his card, and the company office is literally round the corner from my beauty therapist (because I need all the help I can get!), so I might drop by one day and get some more details.

It would explain why there seem to have been quite a few Sterlings on ebay recently from North of the border - they're probably genuine Canucks :D


30-08-2009, 07:27 PM
he is a Canadian by birth

is there any other way to be canadian?

i thought the gnx was a V8
i hope its not a v8, one of my friends wants one and i cant wait to tell him its a v6
then torment him for not wanting a "real" muscle car. :crylol:
he does have a buick gs thought...

30-08-2009, 07:34 PM
I guess you can be just about anything by persuasion, naturalisation or adoption - but being 'born' is the generally accepted 'natural' way :D

30-08-2009, 11:16 PM
is there any other way to be canadian?


Wear a check shirt and carry an axe and sing I am a lumber jack, usually in the style of Monty Python.