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17-09-2009, 06:31 PM
Good Morning all,

Firstly I need to thank 3 people. First and foremost Zora, my wife, for putting up with me being in the garage for hours on end every day for weeks and helping with the drivers side skirt. And for reminding me Friday night at midnight it wasn't that important to get all the body panels on, I was taking the car to show the interior I had been working on. Second is Greg Hampton who is more the generous with his time, trailer, knowledge and spare parts. Lastly but not leastly is good 'ol Dad, for showing up at 8am to help with last minute items, for laying on the ground holding up the side skirt while it was raining.

Sept. 12 and 13 was the annual NCKCC Northern California Kit Car Club show. The last several years it was held at the San Leandro marina, however this year they moved it to Concord, my home town. Very early Friday morning, 4am-ish, we saw some VERY uncharacteristic weather, thunder and lightning with some showers. Friday day and evening continued with some light rain but sadly no more thunder and lightning. I spent Friday night until 1am Saturday morning trying to get the car back together again. I wanted to take her to the show with all the body panels on but only had time for the side skirts, which FOUGHT me tooth and nail to go on. I think they warped a little from being stored standing up, but Greg insists they always fit badly and had to be massaged into place.

Saturday morning came and I was up at 7:30 to finish up last bits. Dad showed up at 8 to help out. 8:05 it started raining again. It continued to rain until about noon, then cleared up and became a really nice day.

Greg Hampton (the official Sterling hog, he has 7 at the moment) showed up around 9 with his trailer to take her to the show. I uh... didn't realize it at the time, but the new front disk kit rubs the back of the rim, so there was this lovely grinding noise as 4 of us struggled to push her out of the garage, down the short driveway, onto the street and up to the loading ramps. It was originally thought that I had tightened the front wheel bearing nut too tight. Anyway, luckily Greg's trailer had a winch on it and was able to pull her up the trailer without much problem. Otherwise I we would not have been able to push her up the ramp. Would have been near impossible.

Once at the show we decided to leave her up on the trailer so I could eventually jack up the front end and loosen the front bearing nut. As mentioned I figured out the caliper housing was rubbing against the back of the rim. Home Depot was JUST around the corner. So off to HD to pick up 10 1/2" washers to give a little space to clear the rubbing. THIS IS A TEMP SOLUTION. It was done just so we could get her back into the driveway. I'll take the wheels to a machine shops to have the back edges turned down a little or I'll get some 1/2" spacers.

Shane (Brastic) was there with his beautiful Ferrari rep, his wife and kids. Next to him, His parents lovely Ferrari rep. Mera I think it was. Greg brought his Manta Montage, which shows great promise. Anyway, without further adooooooo, pics.

My girl all alone on her trailer. Got lots of interest though.

A Jamaican Fiberfab. Poor thing was beat to 'ell and had some body panel cut away.

We had a DeLorean too!

Shane's beautiful Ferrari rep. and his fathers rear end (of his car) can been seen as well.

A hand-made lotus rep. running a Toyota engine.

The interior of a stunningly done Cobra. LOVED the shifter handle.

Oh and the blower as seen through the open hood.


Up Ferrari Row

A Genuine Morris Minor I believe.

The same Bricklin from last years show

This is a Factory 5 Racing Cobra Coupe I think. Pearl white it iridescent blue/green/purple stripe. Very pretty.

Looking down the last row, right side.

Looking down the last row, left side. Incidentally, the Speedster at Left was electric.

I apparently missed the left side of the first row, which had Greg's Manta. Dang....