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17-09-2009, 08:10 PM
The theme for this event was "Thoroughbred Sunday", more specifically only open to cars registered on or before 1966. This resulted in all sorts of pre-66 machinery turning up, thoroughbred or not. But not wishing to incur the wrath of the organisers a second time, I parked the Green Machine prominently in the "other interesting cars" car park.

Before I got to the circuit, I stopped off to take a couple of snaps of the Nova...





When I got to the circuit, this is what I found...











Superb little Matra Bonnet Djet is a local car - I've seen it around Chichester...


Fabulous stamped air extractor grilles - the Matra Aerospace symbol is a chevron spacecraft in orbit around a planet - its the Star Trek Federation symbol on its side :D


Front numberplate a little worse for wear - looks like an altercation with the kerb...


Another fabulous Ferrari 250 Lusso, easily my favourite "classic" Ferrari...


Regular attendee Piper P2 managed to get onto the circuit in spite of being registered in 1973 (and based on a car first produced in 1967), but the owner is a GRRC member...


Lovely sculpted mirror on the 356...


The only car I know that looks more aerodynamic from the back than the front - Jaguar's stillborn Le Mans racer, the XJ13...


Another great looking Jag, this time the Mark 10/420G - apparently the largest Jaguar ever made, although not the tallest - that accolade goes to the Mk VIII...


Smallblock Iso Grifo S1 was lovely - Chevy 327 power. Apparently the rolling shell that was on ebay recently was a restoration project abandoned when a dodgy garage went bust... according to the owner of this fine example, his car is worth more in pieces due to the huge number of unique parts made specially for it. I Still prefer the S2, but if I had to have an S1, this would be it :D


Lancia Aurelia GT spider...


I never went a bomb on the Jensen 541, preferring the more muscular Mopar 361 powered CV8, or the gorgeous Interceptor, but this one looked great somehow. Easily the best finished 541 I have seen - the bodies are fibreglass, and don't age well... But then again, the bodywork on any 541 is over 45 years old...


A bizarre juxtaposition of prestige limousine and farmyard workhorse - a Rolls Royce pickup truck :D


Mulliner Park Ward "Chinese Eye" Rolls, an unusual 2-door coupe...




Breezaway in a Mercury Park Lane...



Fabulous Bertone (Franco Scaglione) penned Alfa Giulietta Sprint on European plates is probably staying over for the Revival this weekend...


Gallardo headlight study. Projector beam dip beam (and main as well?), indicator above and sidelamps in the "gills" at the lower inboard part of the headlamp aperture. The hatch at the bottom is for the jet-washer, which is compulsory on new-builds using HID headlamps.



Nice early Karmann Ghia had a fitted venetian sunblind in the back window. Cool :cool1:


Alfa Giulietta Spider and Hillman Imp racer...


Whenever people start going on about WRXs and STIs, I think of these instead. Scooby Do, where are you? :lmfao:


Tastefully modified razor edge Karmann on the way out.

So that was that. A really excellent show - the no moderns, all classics format meant I took more pictures at this event than at MITCAR the previous week...


17-09-2009, 11:07 PM
Lauren you have beautiful car.
i think its the color. green is my favorite color.

18-09-2009, 01:10 AM
Lauren, I look forward to your outings and the awesome photos you take. You certainly have a great eye for taking photos.

There's an interesting local story about a fellow who needed a new ute for his property. Rather than buying another car, he thought he'd modify one of his Rolls that he didn't use much any more. So he approached a panel beater to do the work.

Said beater started to cut the Rolls :sorry: , and had been instructed by the owner to use genuine Rolls parts where possible. So that's what he did, he started ordering parts from the Rolls dealership in Sydney. Eventually they got curious as to what was happening, sounded like a fairly major rebuild to them, and they followed it up.

They were not impressed to find one of their cars was being cut up for a 'farm hack' so they approached the owner and told him that he couldn't do that to a Rolls. The story goes they offered him a brand new Rolls with all the options he wanted, and took the Rolls ute (never finished) away.

Sounds like a lot of guff to me, but like a lot of things, there's probably an element of truth in it somewhere.

18-09-2009, 06:13 AM
Very cool! I cant wait to start mking some shows, just not alot going on up here in rainy washington state.

The Matra Aerospace symbol reminds me of the game asteroids released on the Atari 2600's when I was a kid.

http://www.vancouver.wsu.edu/fac/peabod ... screen.gif (http://www.vancouver.wsu.edu/fac/peabody/game-book/asteroidsscreen.gif)

18-09-2009, 11:53 AM
Hope you were left alone this time, sounds like you have had a hard time lately what with Goodwood officials and poncey Auto Italia journos. Such snobbery in classic cars! The Daytona is an interloper as well as the Piper (1968 production) but obviously that's OK cos he's posh.

18-09-2009, 09:35 PM
And he's a GRRC member as well. Plus the P2 wasn't released until 1972 anyway. And you're right about the Daytona too - at least it is a genuine thoroughbred though, unlike the Standard 10 van sharing space on the pit straight :confused1:

Yup, no problems with over-offacious officialdom, or second-rate journos this time!