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19-04-2010, 05:58 PM
OK, here we are again at what I later discovered is actually the largest custom car event in the UK calendar, and right on my doorstep to boot! Organised by the Surrey Street Rodders and held every year on Good Friday, the weather is always going to be the wildcard. Last year it rained. A lot. This year the forecast was for even more rain, but hey! The Green Machine was washed and polished, with a fresh MoT and a new tax disc I was ready for anything!

(Also in my experience the sun always comes out later in the day - don't ask me why, it just does :D ).

To start with the rain held off - it was just cloudy, windy and cold. Here we go...



A rustic looking crew-cab :coat:


This Mini-Marcos made it to Detling a couple of days later...


1970 Dodge station wagon - nice :D


Jeff Mitchell's immaculate 1970 383 Barracuda (not the performance 'Cuda variant). Very rare, very clean lines. I do miss my old Fish sometimes... :cry:


Peppermint C-body, with one of those hideous General Lee clones behind. Its a 1970 Charger, with the one-piece chrome loop grille surround (not the split one from the 1969 original). At least with a General Lee Cortina there is more humour involved...


A bit tatty round the edges, but this '68 Javelin Trans-Am replica was RHD from the factory, manual 4-speed with the craziest convoluted gearlever you ever did see and side exit exhausts. Looks great with the American Racing 5-spoke alloys. Sean was quite excited...


Bringing back fond memories of my own '72 flat front Firenza, this nice example had the desireable 2.3 litre SOHC slant-4 engine. Tail-happy in the wet though (ask me how I know :blushing: ).


Ford Tudor, splitty bus and something green in the middle...



This is what you go to custom car shows to see - a real 1970's C-cab. Supposedly based on a Ford Model T, this one had a trapizoidal rear hatch, the obligatory Jaguar IRS with a quick-change diff and rectangular headlight pods. How could it not be 1970's? Brilliant!


You've seen it done to a Ford Anglebox, you've seen it done with a Fiat 500... A Reliant Scimitar SE5a box trailer :confused1:


Nigel tells me his Ghia is a powder blue colour, but is the same year as this acid yellow '72 car. Very tidy.


(sigh) I just can't help snapping them - for me, the 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda is just the epitome of musclecar styling. This one has been around a long time, but gets better and better every year. B5 blue metallic with matching interior... if only the sun were shining...

Of course by this time the rain was semi-torrential...


'64 Oldsmobile Starlight wagon, with an equally rare Airstream caravan behind...


Peachy '71 Road Runner slowly sinking in the mud. Owned until recently by a lady driver with a penchant for RWYB, it was up for sale. I guess the well-sorted 440 would be good for single figure fuel consumption, not so good in the current financial climate... :oops2:

So by 12:30 both Sean and Big Tony O had had enough of the weather and went home (they had come in Tony's Jeep and were parked in the public car park). Stuck in the show field as I was, I knew I had to stick it out until the end of the day, when enough cars had slithered and slipped away for me to pick a clear path through to the exit. So I was wondering forlornly around when I heard my registration called out over the PA - please report to the Wheels Day Radio control room. What? I've won a prize? Would I form up with the other prize winners in front of the stage at 2:30pm? I think so!

And what should happen as I slowly negotiated my way out of the field onto the tarmac? The sun came out!



I've no idea - a Lincoln perhaps? It won a prize...



Kripple Kart also won a well deserved award. The owner is confined to a wheelchair which is accessed by special loading ramps in the back (built by my friend Jeff Marshall). There's also aircraft style seating in there. The metalflake scalloped paint job is something to behold!



And last but not least, the award-winning Green Machine! I received a solid pewter characature model of a 1940 Willys gasser, inscribed "Surrey Street Rodders - Wheels Day 2010 - Special Award". It has pride of place on my mantlepiece. I also received a complimentary copy of American Car World (which Big Tony O writes for) and a T-shirt from the new publishers, Shut Up and Drive, which will be fun to wear at shows - I won't be forgetting that day in a hurry!


19-04-2010, 06:46 PM
are u sure that's a charger? the misses (who has a Chrysler charger back in NZ) seems to disagree, something about the 4 doors? :confused1: :confused1:

19-04-2010, 07:50 PM
Hi Ben - sorry I wasn't very clear - the Charger I was babbling on about is behind the peppermint Chrysler C-body. Your wife is absolutely correct, there was never a 4-door Charger, although the Aussie Charger wasn't sold in the US, and was a completely different car (still a 2-door though), using homegrown Hemi slant-6 engines in the main ("Six-pack Hemi" doesn't mean the same thing down under as it is in the 'States :D ), although the 318 c.i. V8 was also used in the Charger 770 variant. Sorry, I'm becoming a car bore...


19-04-2010, 11:09 PM
Ah... I think we miss-read it somewhat too. The misses' is a 1973 vj valiant charger btw, with the 265 hemi straight 6. In a very rare alantic white as well.

20-04-2010, 03:55 AM
Nicely done!

Big Birds Car
20-04-2010, 08:46 AM
Wheels day is always worth a look, I couldn't go this time round but my friend took his 2010 Camaro SS and met another guy there who thought he had the only one, apparently they don't look that good in white, my friends one is silver, 6 speed manual, 6.2l, and just short of 450bhp. and for a yank tank is very well put together.
I really need to sort my life out and get another rod but time, money and what you can and can't do nowadays is really making me look towards a classic or historic again which is a shame.
As your photo's show, a Nova is cool and different but ride in a C Cab and outrageous is the only word to describe a vehicle like that.
Nick Butlers C Cab,Revenge, is still going strong (approx 1000bhp on the street) and one of his other famous hot rods Andrameda is been rebuilt and is currently owned by a brit in Spain (at one time I thought the same guy had both but I'm not sure now).
Congratulations on your award, it goes to show that even kit cars are finally getting recognised for engineering and actual use, go back ten or more years and you wouldn't have been "worthy" at a rod run, nice to see that the alternative car groups are finally coming together.

20-04-2010, 11:41 AM
The misses' is a 1973 vj valiant charger btw, with the 265 hemi straight 6. In a very rare atlantic white as well.

Fantastic machine - the triple Weber carbied 265 Hemis were real screamers, easily a match for contemporary V8s. In NZ they were so fast they beat the dominant GTHO (V8) Ford Falcons. The Hemi sixes were entirely home-grown engines, bearing little resemblence to the US-built "leaning tower of power"...

I'm being a bore again, aren't I? :D


20-04-2010, 11:43 AM
Congratulations on your award, it goes to show that even kit cars are finally getting recognised for engineering and actual use, go back ten or more years and you wouldn't have been "worthy" at a rod run, nice to see that the alternative car groups are finally coming together.

Thanks BBC - I think we are all united against a common foe!!!

20-04-2010, 02:23 PM
Awesome photos, and congrats on the trophy!! :cool1:

I have some photos of a 'cuda or two in amongst my car show photos, I should get around and upload them so you can drool. :wink:

20-04-2010, 08:13 PM
Thanks Cyco. I do miss my old Baccaruda sometimes (there's a song in there somewhere :whistling: ), but the restoration costs would have been prohibitive and would have taken years to complete - I needed a car I could use every day. Selling the Fish allowed me to concentrate on finishing the Green Machine :clapping:


Vasco Da Gamer
20-04-2010, 11:42 PM
Congratulations Lauren - well deserved.

I don't mind General Lee replicas (so long as it's not a genuine RT being ruined), but they should at least use a Charger from the right year....

Wouldn't mind the Roadrunner though - Daisy Duke's yellow one always looked great flying....

Must show the SE5a trailer thing to my friend Martin - he will be horrified.


21-04-2010, 12:14 AM
Hiya Laruen

Sorry I will have to slap your hand at Stones.

In your first Pick you did not mention the CORTINA MARK 1. I do hope because it was not white and a green stripe. :cool1: :cool1: :cool1:


21-04-2010, 06:32 PM
Sorry Ben - absolutely correct, should have mentioned it but didn't.

Not a Lotus Cortina unfortunately - it had banded steel wheels and a suspiciously rumbly engine though :lmfao: