View Full Version : Goodwood Lancia Track Day, 22nd May

22-06-2010, 06:36 PM
Right, here's a few snaps from the Lancia track day at Goodwood. As you can see, the weather was nothing short of fabulous! Here's what I saw...


A Lancia Beta HPE, the 3-door hatch version of the coupe. Introduced after the Fiat takeover of Lancia in the early 70s, the Beta had a 2 litre transverse DOHC engine designed by Aurielo Lampredi. The same basic unit would power the Monte Carlo, Lancia 037 Rallye and ultimately the Delta Integrale S4. Very popular while they lasted, most have now succumbed to rust...


With a shape like this it could only be a Zagato in this case, the Lancia Flavia, featuring an OHV boxer engine and FWD. Lancia have always had a reputation for novel engineering solutions...


I parked in a prominent position in front of the NAAFI wagon...


Lancia Fulvia out on the track...


...And a Fulvia Zagato...


...And another Fulvia waiting in the pit lane. These fabulous little sports coupes again featured FWD, this time with a unique narrow-angle V4 engine configuration, inline with the transaxle ahead of the front wheels. By putting the cylinders in a vee formation, the overall length of the engine was reduced so it fits behind the bumper, and by canting it over on the passenger side, the bonnet line can be lowered as well as maintaining the chassis balance when the passenger seat is unoccupied. A Fulvia V4 engine and transmission was also used to power the legendary Stratos Zero concept car.


Another non-Lancia interloper, this time an Autobianchi A112 Abarth, one of a multitude of small Italian car makers using readily available Fiat running gear, usually with the approval of the factory. This one went mighty fast!


Two Fulvias waiting to go out, and a Zagato comes back in...


I now realise I should have focussed on the wheel of the car in the foreground, instead of the door handle. You live and learn...


Long shot of the Lancia Gamma coupe. I've babbled incessantly about these before, so I will just point out how the rectangular dipped beam reflectors and the circular main beams are both covered by one-piece glass lenses, which looks really cool until you get a stone chip in them... but I do like the way they look...


Fulvia Zagato at rest. Note the way the rear hatch is slightly open on this car. Zagato bodied Lancias and Alfas had electrically operated tailgates, and because neither car had particularly effective ventilation (certainly no grilles around the C-pillars to expel stale air), most owners have a habit of leaving the tailgate slightly ajar when on the move.


Lancia Aurelia V6 coupe out on track.


The elegant profile of a Fiat 130 coupe being used as a tow car made a nice composition I thought. Shame about the ugly moderns either side of it.


Detail of a Lancia Appia convertible, with a certain green sports car in the background :D


Aurelia prepares to go out again...


Alfa 75 looking purposeful, as well as ugly 3 litre V6 with a rear-mounted transaxle for this one, although the same model could be had with a 2-litre twin cam as well.



I managed to convince Sean to get the Jav out. Looks great in bright sunshine!



Snails-eye view of Lancias at speed.

All-in-all, a really pleasant afternoon. The only downside was the complete absence of Stratos or Stratos replicas, although I guess most Hawks these days feature Alfa V6 power, rather than the older and less powerful Lancia Beta engine, so only their looks qualify them as Lancias...