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16-07-2010, 04:17 PM
This show has mushroomed out of all proportion recently - with scorching weather for the last two years running, plus a mention in the news roundup of Classic & Sports Car, its a far cry from the rather soggy, but enjoyable affair I attended in 2008. Anyway, here's just some of the mouthwatering machinery that was there...


When I arrived a young lad asked if he could sit in the Green Machine - "go ahead" was my reply; I'm always ready to indulge the youngsters, and this young man seemed to know plenty about cars. "Its much lower than the gull-wing" he told his mum. "Oh, you have a gull-wing version of this car?" I asked, assuming an Eagle perhaps...

"No, a 300SL gullwing" said he. "Thanks for letting me sit in your car - you'll have to come and sit in ours - we're in the Lamborghini Miura..."

At this point my knees turned to jelly, etc. etc.

This is their car - a 1970 Miura P400S. I was flicking through one of my favourite back-issues of C&SC the other day (two Miura SV's over the Alps, Goodwood FOS 2009, Lime Green Goddess :clapping: ) and found this exact car, which was sold at Bonhams last year for... 385 big ones :shock:

It is, both inside and out, immaculate...



Aston Martin Lagonda left early in 2008, but here it is again, living up to LKJ Setright's stinging critique of its William Towns styling - a Cadillac Seville trying to look like TR7. How correct he was, but I do like the crisp wedge lines, although it could do with frameless windows to reduce the heaviness in the detailing. Plus this is the last version with the analogue instruments; I would prefer a reworked first-generation red LED display, or the 2nd generation dash with the green CRT displays...


A pair of Nova headlights adorning a Mk1 3-litre Capri...


Lotus Esprit S2 ( :confused1: all I know is it is not an S1 because it has the Rover SD1 rear lights instead of the Fiat derived Carellos...)


I found a spot next to this lovely metalflake buggy, who is also local...


Unmissable photo opportunity :D


This is young Olivia - she was a bit tired by the time she got to the Green Machine, so had a little kip in the passenger seat :wink:


Bristols are traditional English coachbuilt cars, so its no surprise to find this 408 fitted with side panniers to carry the full size spare wheel (on the NSF) and battery and brake servo on the driver's side... Chrysler short-deck 361 c.i. V8 with 3-speed TorqueFlite was the main motivation - the panniers made up for the relative lack of width in the body...


Ahh, this is what its all about - splitty bus with all mod cons, Pops in the deckchair with a can of Fosters; Summer living, Dubstyle :clapping:


Lotus Elite FWE basks in the glorious sunshine. Big Humber (Super Snipe?) sits in the background.


I shall have to have words with Sean - this is the 3rd event he's been to this year!


Amazing US import 356 coupe. Apart from the lovely burgundy metallic paint, the wheels are not chrome steels, they are actually polished alloys. Spotless inside and out.


Distinctive front end belonging to fellow American car enthusiast James Broome. He's had this Camaro for about 15 years now. Originally an SS396 car, it now features a special unleaded 427 iron block V8 engine. Originally imported from the US by RPM and resprayed and prepared by them, its one helluva good looking car!

So that was the Deer's Hut show for 2010. Another show that provides maximum enjoyment for minimum outlay. Green Machine ran well, but got pretty dusty in the process. I needed to give her a wash before her next outing, less than a week later (pictures to follow)!!!


16-07-2010, 05:55 PM
Where do you find out about these obscure (but fantastic) little shows? The blue Esprit S2 is an internet chum BTW, you will have seen it in Octane alongside a Pantera amongst others.

16-07-2010, 06:21 PM
Where do you find out about these obscure (but fantastic) little shows?

I often Google for local events, but once in a while I look at the forthcoming events column in C&SC. Others come about as a result of Alfa forums and I skulk in the background at Pistonheads sometimes!

I take my "putting it about" seriously, you know :whistling: