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19-07-2010, 07:56 PM
Just a few snaps to give you an idea:

20-07-2010, 07:27 AM
Nice one Alex :clapping:

That 5 camera seems to be doing a good job :D It was really nice to see you and Liz again (and Mick and Sue of course), almost on home turf too!

I was the first kit car to arrive on the day (Mick and Sue arrived on Saturday and were directed to the VW area, which was at the opposite end of the site), but the second kit car to arrive was the red Blackjack next door, which was nice - two of Richard Oakes designs, spanning a career of 40 years. I was rather hoping the man himself would be there to see it, seeing as this is his local show and he has attended for the last 2 years, but alas - it was not to be :(

Still, I had a nice day trip to Cornwall, learned about the Cornish separatist movement, took a wrong turn at Exeter and ended up in Cullompton (which sounds like a programme narrated by Brian Cant), did a magical mystery tour back to Honiton and got stuck in three consecutive traffic jams on the A303 - all in lovely sunshine!

430 miles on the clock - must work out my average fuel consumption...


20-07-2010, 10:33 AM
That looks like a proper car show, an eclectic mix of real cars, love it. Brian Cant? Havent heard that name for many a year! Once I was hanging around after school in Worcester City Centre, and who should walk out of Littlewoods? Brian Cant! I have his autograph! I doubt it will ever be worth as much as my Ian Botham or Viv Richards autographs, but I have it just the same :)
Minis next to fake Cobras and Alex's Nova next to an Integrale - and getting the most attention :)

20-07-2010, 11:39 AM
Yes, I'm not sure why the Integrale was in the "Kit Cars and Customs" section. Like you, I like to see an eclectic mix of cars at shows. Highlights for me were a Maserati Bora on Compomotive Turbo splitrims :shock:, a white Alfa Montreal (one of two present), Lotus Europa S2, a pair of early TVRs, Lotus Esprit Turbo (mainly for its "wedge" kudos), and a street-legal stock car with a Mercedes grille!

The latter has no lights and no indicators, and has a "daytime MoT", according to the owner. You can see it behind the red Blackjack in the background of Alex's first picture.

I was just getting ready to leave when a chap comes over and asks "how fast do these cars normally go?". Usual sort of question, to which I replied "it depends what engine you have". "I've got a Boxster" he continued "and I was going to buy one of these, but (you're never going to believe this), the engine was from a VW!". At which point he looked suitably pleased with himself and his girlfriend gave a derisory snort.

I didn't need to point out to him that it was the Green Machine, not his Boxster, that received the most attention as I went through pre-flight checks, engine start, telecam on and donned my headphones before moving off towards the exit, canopy open. I may not be able to call upon a 3.2 litre flat-6 and go fast, but I think the Nova has more visual drama :D


Vasco Da Gamer
20-07-2010, 02:47 PM
You can go fast enough.... and in my opinion the Alfa engine sounds way better, however feeble it might be in comparison to a Boxter one. The wow factor wins every time.


20-07-2010, 05:07 PM
I reckon so :clapping:

Best mileage estimate is 38 mpg for the trip. Not too shabby!

20-07-2010, 10:00 PM
And here are a few pics I snapped.

The 'Club Nova' mini-pitch with our caravan cunningly concealed (the organisers said I couldn't leave it on the pitch when we camped Saturday night, but didn't notice it was still there Sunday :wink: )


Lauren's Nova next to the BlackJack with the other one behind.

Alex and Lauren next to Alex's Nova.

And the obligatory 'T' bucket in the line up. I'm sure I've seen this one at Stoneleigh too.


21-07-2010, 05:10 PM
Caravan? What caravan? :)
Now that the Avante is MOT'able - foglight switch fitted over the weekend, seatbelts fitted, battery secured (and panelled in) brake light bulb working, handbrake tightened up, and windscreen washer sorted - I'm thinking of events for next year, and this Wadebridge Wheels looks a good one.

21-07-2010, 06:53 PM
Here's the Maserati for Lauren, since her pics will take a little longer:
So there you go!

21-07-2010, 07:56 PM
Thanks Alex!

The diameters are all wrong for this car, and the offsets are ludicrous, but they are proper Compomotive Turbos, with the space-age text cast in the wheel centres and everything!

Of course for my particular application I need 15" centres with 4 x 108mm PCD, not easy to come by these days...


23-07-2010, 02:11 PM
I've always fancied redesigning the front end of an Avante to resemble the Maserati. It's one of my longer term plans for the car. Reprofile the nose so its a bit higher and doesnt "droop" so much, and a full width style grille.

27-08-2010, 09:32 PM
Right, here's my pictures from the day - sorry about the delay!


You could easily believe that 40 years separate these two cars, but most would be surprised to learn that the modern car is in the foreground :wink:


Alex's black Nova brooding...


That Maser again!


Vauxhall HB Viva "Brabham". The legendary F1 constructor was called upon to breathe new life into Vauxhall's aneamic 1159cc 4-pot. After fitting twin Strombergs on a special manifold an additional 9 bhp was produced :lmfao:


A brace of Marcos GT's...


Baby buggy has petrol engine with electric start, double wishbone IFS with progressive rate coil springs and disc brake. Passenger is a bit of a whizz with VW's by all accounts :D


White Monty on its home turf - these Alfas make good long-distance tourers, and every year have an international meeting somewhere in Europe. I think its Austria this year...



Reliant Sabre Six basking in the sun. Starting life as a knock-down sportscar for Israel called the Sabra, itself based on the Ashley Laminates Sportiva body on a Les Ballamy chassis, Reliant started selling the car in the UK as the Sabre 4. With a re-styled nose and proper IFS, the Six was powered by the 2.5 litre Ford straight six. The Sabre chassis was later used under the first 30 or so Scimitar coupes, until the rear suspension was redesigned.


Nice clean looking Lotus Europa S3...


Inside the Masers engine bay...


Sat on the grass nibbling...


Two Blackjacks and a Nova...


Road-legal "daytime MoT" stock car was running a Ford smallblock V8, but was built in the 60's by an enthusiast who put a Mercedes radiator on everything he built. I've no idea why either!