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17-09-2010, 08:44 PM
I like this show, so I try and get to it every year. This time the 10th running of the Midlands ITalian CAR show would be at Chatsworth House, in the heart of the Derbyshire Peak District. A fair slog for the Green Machine, up the M1 and then left a bit, but well worth the effort. Several Alfa forums had designated this "Boxermeet 2010", the ideal venue for Alfas distinctive flat-4 engine, although obviously Lancia Flavias, Gammas and Ferrari BBs were also welcome! In the end there were nine Minaris and around 18 other boxer-engined Alfas at the event, a great turnout!

I set off at 0530 so that I could maximise my time at the event, and I arrived shortly after 9:00am...



Early boxer lineup, with brown S2 1.5 Ti the closest to the specification of my donor car :D


It didn't rain all day, but the leaden skies made a dramatic contrast to the colourful cars...


Stratos was a replica, obviously, and in spite of being in the Lancia display, was actually powered by a 3 litre Alfa V6!



Imposing architecture of the midland's premier stately home...


Exotic car lineup (which I chose not to join this year, as none of the punters know what the Nova is anyway) was arranged along the base of the walled gardens and included these two Montreals and a Ferrari 412...


Italian style - white vinyl interior with adjustable headrests on curved wooden supports...


In spite of there being a pair of black 2010 GTs present, this Biturbo was my favourite Maserati of the day. Not the best looking, certainly not the fastest or the most luxurious, but somehow more typical of the 1980s than either a perm or shoulder pads :D


Immaculate engine bay of Colin's (Sudboy 1490) Alfasud 1.5 Ti. This engine started life as a single carb, and the intake manifolds were specially cast by Aliquati in the late 70s to allow twin carbs to be fitted. I love the way the offset alternator of the single carb models gives such uncluttered access. There would even be room for an A/C compressor on the top there...


According to the write up in the AROC magazine, MITCAR 2010 had more than 450 Italian cars turn up - 10 times the size of the first event a decade ago.


The long line of boxer engined cars...




Green Machine basking... Ornamental bridge in the latter picture is the main entrance to the site. There was a steady stream of tour buses and visitors cars throughout the day, including a Siekh who wanted to try out the Green Machine for size. He seemed quite taken with it, and his green turban complemented the paintwork perfectly :D



Colin's 'Sud from the outside. Definately my favourite car of the day, in spite of it not being my favourite colour...


Its some sort of covered promenade deck. Must be a cracking view from up there...


Gated entrance to the walled gardens...


View through the gate towards the front of the house...


Alfa 2000 or 2600? I can't tell, but it looks nice anyway :thumbup:


A gaggle of Fiat Dino coupes look gorgeous in the exotic car lineup...


MITCAR flag flies proudly over another successful show...


Most of the nine-strong Minari contingent, celebrating the model's 20th anniversary this year. Very pretty little cars, which perform extremely well thanks to their light weight fibreglass monocoque construction and boxer engine and running gear. I like them a lot, but find the styling a little... well, conventional for my tastes, if you see what I mean :D


Solitary Countach Anniversary rounds off a really enjoyable day out!


17-09-2010, 09:34 PM
talking to a guy who was there about an alpha, that had a V8 sqeezed in the engine was gleeming and well fitted. Unfortunately if he had roared away the rusty body would not have kept up, as it was a complete rust bucket with real deep rust not the surface scrub some people clammer for.

Vasco Da Gamer
19-09-2010, 01:09 PM
Can Euro-Nova give out a prize for "Best bit of Photoshop work on a numberplate"?

19-09-2010, 03:17 PM
I may be quickly catching you up on miles driven but at least yours are spend driving to something more interesting than work.
envy :notworthy:
envy :notworthy:
envy :notworthy:


19-09-2010, 04:43 PM
Thanks Martin - mileage has slowed a bit in the last few weeks; just under 18,200 on the clock at the mo...

I'm only going to interesting venues at present because they've closed the triangle car park at work to us space employees, so now if I want to drive in I have negotiate speed humps and kiddie cars with owners who have nothing but contempt for their own vehicle (understandable) or anyone else's :annoyed:


19-09-2010, 10:27 PM
If the sun shone more and weekends were free more often, I would load some miles as well.

But Laren's pics are always welcome and the rains seems a thousand miles away once more. :cheers: