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08-10-2010, 08:01 PM
This was the last breakfast club before a month long hiatus while Lord March puts on the Revival meeting, and much building work was evident on arrival. Goodwood definition of a "classic" is pre-1966, which froze me out (obviously), plus a shedload of other worthies, who congregated in the traditional gravel car park next to the old control tower...


So... Green Machine, an Reliant Scimitar SE4b (Essex V6), Lancia Fulvia Zagato, E-type... then what turns up, engine rumbling and air-horns tooting?


Its Matt Bartleet (who normally drives an acid green Kamm-tail Alfa spider), in his freshly rebuilt Montreal...


...So freshly built in fact, that there wasn't time to fit the Spica fuel injection system, so she's temporarily running on carbs...


Gorgeous in white. Always reminds me of the even-sleeker Montreal Expo show cars. Wheels are period Compomotive split rims with a certain Cromadora flavour... :thumbup:


Another non-theme car turned away at the gate...



Time to tear myself away from all the luscious exotics congregating in my corner of the car park. This is the business end of a lovely Jensen Interceptor III. One can deduce an aftermarket exhaust, methinks :D


Exquisite detailing on a Maserati racer. Its got to be a recreation rather than the real thing, surely? No original race car could look this clean???



Utterly flabberghasted by this one. Its a Facel Vega HK500, the French GT with the Chrysler 383 engine, but its been turned into a fastback coupe, and the vertically-stacked headlights have been replaced with a curious boat-like nose with headlamp fairings. Modern indicators and fittings are everywhere (including an "S" badge nicked from a Lamborghini), but the rest of the car looks like it was converted many years ago, possibly for racing. Twin removable "hatches" in the roof appear to be for added headroom, maybe for occupants wearing crash helmets...

All in all, a most curious machine...


Fabulous Gordon-Keeble is one of Giugiaro's early styling triumphs. Fibreglass bodyshell on a steel chassis, Corvette 327 c.i. V8, usually with a manual 4-speed. The ultimate early 60's GT, but only 99 were ever made...


A couple of classic "bubblecars", Messerschmitt Tiger on the left and a BMW-Isetta, the latter being the well-known Italian car made under licence in Germany.


Alfa... oh phooey. I've no idea - its either a Giulietta, or an Alfa 2000 or a 2600 (the latter two with a straight-6). Sorry, I really ought to know what they are by now :blushing:



At least I can recognise an Alfa Giulia SS when I see one! This one was over from Italy for the Revival...


Maserati racer engine bay. It just has to be a recreation, but you can tell that no expense has been spared...


Original HK500 parked beside the "special" provides a useful comparison...


Chevy Camaro SS396 was the real McCoy... 4 on the floor as well :D


Well, at least this kit car got in! One of the few kits to be based on the Mini's big brother, the Austin 1300, its an LSR Magenta. As you can see, this example has a hardtop and from the look of the front grille is based on the cooking MG variant. All the usual BL problems (subframe rust, hydrolastic suspension going flat, asthmatic engine), but amazingly good performers in their time - I believe one of them completed the London-Sydney Marathon in the late '70s, and there's not many cars can claim that accolade!


Second Miura P400 managed to get in somehow. I guess if you leave it late enough they start to let non-theme cars in - I was expecting the event to be heaving, but unlike the Supercar Sunday and post-1970 days it was relatively quiet, in spite of the dry weather... Oh well, I wasn't complaining :clapping:


Tidy 246 Dino pinched my pole position slot from last time, just in front of the cappucino van :cool1:


I just love the sharp style of the Maserati Khamsin, its just a shame about the Citroen hydraulic brakes, although I don't suppose it would be difficult to convert to a conventional system. After all, Maserati did it themselves for the late-model Merak after Citroen sold the ailing Italian firm to Alessandro DeTomaso...


I know - actually using the space to carry luggage is terribly uncool with so much on show (really needs matching leather travelling cases, don't you think?), but just look at the exquisite design details, the delicate bumpers, the finely chiselled rear quarters, the way the whole design just flows seamlessly... apart from the standard issue Carello lights, shared with the Indy and Lamborghini Espada - the shape of the outer edges is at odds with the rest of the rear panel. Love the way they just float in space though :D

Speaking of Maserati Meraks...


Looked very clean from the outside, but one of the interior door cards was missing. I dooo quite like the Merak, but if I owned one I'm not sure I would trust myself not to whip out the transaxle and stick it in the Nova :facepalm:

That's yer lot from this event. More to come...


08-10-2010, 09:13 PM
Alfa really should launch the Ohphooey :)

Great pics, I love the Montreal, I want to steal it!! The Facel Vega just looks odd though.

08-10-2010, 11:02 PM
Sheer awesomness!! Love that Maser racer.

Jemp, there's a Montreal going for sale here in Oz, only $70,000 AUD. :wink:

09-10-2010, 10:42 PM
You always get to the best shows Lauren. Nice to see some different wheels on the Montreal, the standard spoked offerings are appalling, more suited to a family saloon and in now way sporty.

The Khamsin looks fantastic, but like you say it always seems like they have fallen into the hands of commoners when the boot id full of Aldi carrier bags!

11-10-2010, 08:16 PM
Thanks Mark - not many more shows to write up this year :bye2:

18-10-2010, 07:17 PM
Hi Lauren,

The Jensen's tail pipes are standard believe it or not. Mum managed to blow the stuffing out of the tail pipes on her 7.2 litre MK3. These are actually an after market mini silencer made by Bain Bridge, so we had them re stuffed. The other "box" was a transit 3 litre item if I remember correctly.

Jensen has some happy memoiries for me and is high on my wish list to own


18-10-2010, 08:44 PM
Mum managed to blow the stuffing out of the tail pipes on her 7.2 litre MK3

Now that's the kind of school run I would like to see!

25-10-2010, 07:11 PM
Hi Lauren,

Yes it caused a stir when we were dropped off at school- that said it was only doing 3 MPG with mum driving! A classical combination of a cold cast iron engine and a lead right foot. It sadly ran most of the time with the auto chokes open.

The fun part was borrowing the trade plates and blowing the crap out of the car on the Lichfield by pass (A38)- totally illiegal but to a 17 year old with a 7 litre V8 it doesn't get any better.