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29-08-2011, 01:16 PM
OK, with the Nova being off the road for the best part of 7 months, this year has been a bit sporadic with regard to event attendance. Nevertheless, I recently finished off the film in the Praktica and here's a fair summary of what happened...!

First, we wind back to the very beginning of the year, the New Year's Day classic car meet at the Elsted Inn. Here we go...


Crazy, Cooper-style club racer from the 1950's. Its a brave man who ventures out in sub-zero temperatures with no windscreen. Or heater!


Alpine A110 is a regular visitor at this event. Its a regular competition car too, not just for show.


Me getting all arty...


And he's off! Not quite the opening stage of the Mount Ventoux hillclimb, but still quite evocative!


The usual number of oldsters, with a low-chassis Invicta in the foreground.


The old, and the not-so-old...


1920's Bentley turned up mid-morning, looking like it had come straight from the Land's End trial...


...Its taken an awful long time to get here :D

So that was New Year's Day. Next up, Tax-Free at Goodwood on March 6th...


29-08-2011, 01:19 PM
So... Tax-Free at Goodwood on March 6th. Here we go...

...And before even setting foot on the circuit, here's what we found in the “interesting” car park...




Lotus Elite, and...


...A 308 GTS Fezza!


The usual mixed bag of motors...


...Including this Marcos GT, with an unpleasant looking modern headlamp installation!


Some say... he's NOT the Stig, but he is my best friend's nephew :D


Mini Sprint again, showing off its roof chop to advantage...


Jim's Bugle, parked on the grid...


Maserati Ghibi under the wing of a Piper twin – a scene familiar to many of the jet-set in the late 1960's!


Morris Marina rally car attracted huge interest. Amazingly, no pianos fell on this one. You've got to laugh to be honest – today's motoring journalists lampoon the Marina for being so basic, so boring, so conservative. And yet, its arch-rival within BL, the more radical Austin Allegro, was considered a failure even when it was new, while the Marina went on to become a sales success for BL. So I think we should give the Marina the respect it deserves. None!

That's right – they were both rubbish!


Two of the three Lancia Flaminia coupes present. I like these big V6 thoroughbreds...


...But I like these thoroughbreds even more! Representing the first and last of the breed, the Lamborghini Miura P400 and SV. Very nice...


Modern Pirelli rubber fills the wheelarches. Also, the tail lights on this car are unusual for an SV, and are shared with Maserati, amongst others.


Superbly turned out P400 rounds off the March breakfast club.

Next up - Classics at Goodwood.


29-08-2011, 01:22 PM
Time moves on, but with the Green Machine still on blocks the show season came and went – Soft-Tops at Goodwood, Spring Alfa Day at Duxford (gutted about missing that), Supercars at Goodwood, Stones, Popham Aerojumble, Lancia trackday at Goodwood, Detling, Mopars at Brooklands, Post-1970 at Goodwood, Auto-Italia at Stanford Hall, Classic Alfa trackday at Goodwood, Newark... In fact, fast-forward to August 7th, Classics at Goodwood. This theme is for vehicles registered before 1966, and with the Green Machine through the MoT, but up on blocks again with head gasket woes, I grabbed a lift with Sean instead.

Its probably worth noting at this juncture that (and I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this) I have bought a second-hand DSLR to go with my collection of Commiecams, which initially supplanted my trusty 35mm at several shows. However, what the DSLR did do for me is show me where I have been going wrong with 35mm for all these years, and I think you will agree, the following are technically some of my best efforts on film to date. To celebrate this new lease of life, I have just bought a party pack of 35mm film, so the Commiecam lives on!

Avanti! (that means get on with it...)



Lovely Bizzarrini Strada 5300 on the grid. Lack of zoom is something you miss at events like this, as my 50mm fixed focus lens means I am stood so far back from the subject that people inevitably blunder into shot!


Threatening skies make a great backdrop to this Fiat 500...


Race-prepped Austin-Healey Sprite ready to take on the big boys at the Revival next month...


Just one Lancia Flaminia this time...


Familiar Miura P400 hiding under the tin shed. Later, when I had finished off the film, it came out of hiding a parked next to the picket fence at the top of the paddock area. Perfect backdrop for all those enthusiasts who weren't using 35mm!


Well, here's one for Alex's Uglies and no mistake. Its badged as a Lotus and has a split beam front axle and a Ford sidevalve engine. It seems to predate both the Lotus 6 and the Mark IV from 1952. I doubt whether anyone mourned its passing...


...And to round things off, here's another slice of the 1950s, this time from the other end of the styling spectrum, a 1959 Vauxhall PA Cresta. At one stage Daimler were planning to put their excellent 2.5 litre Hemi V8 into this shape, which would have been a combination made in Heaven, but alas, it was not to be, and Cresta owners had to put up with the 3-bearing straight-6 engine, derived from a pre-war Chevy truck...

Anyway, that's your lot for the moment. I'll be back with more show reports soon...