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03-09-2011, 02:55 PM
OK, so having the Green Machine back on the road was just the start I needed to get out and about a bit! I got a fresh MoT and tax disc just days before the annual National Alfa Day (aka NAD) event, this time at Basildon Park, which as anyone from Essex knows, is near Reading :confused1:

The weather forecast for Sunday July 17th was pretty poor if truth be told, and in spite of NAD being the biggest event on the Alfa calendar, some of the model parking areas were a bit thin. Nevertheless, with the prospect of bright sunshine and occasional heavy showers, I reasoned that I might be able to capture a few interesting pictures. And besides, I was going anyway!

As you probably know by now, my nearside camshaft carrier was leaking oil at a fair old rate, so I arrived at the park in a cloud of oil smoke (the exhaust manifold was directly below the leak), and parked on the Alfasud grid in P2, next to a silver Sprint.

Anyway, enough talk here be pictures!


Alfasud model parking begins to fill up, with a certain Green Machine in the line-up!




I snapped this picture because I wanted to see what my new exhaust looked like the tips used to point downhill, I think they look a lot better now. Basildon Park House is obscured by the backs of the trade stalls dotted around the concourse area.



Threatening clouds can't hide the fact that my wheels are incorrectly cambered. Still, after 7 months up on axle stands they don't look too bad...


Full line-up of 'Suds was impressive...


Not sure what is going on in this picture. The green 'Sud belongs to Rod, that's him on the right. He's either stepped in some sheep poo (quite likely) or is hamming it up for the camera. Either way, I was so busy looking at his car I didn't notice him until I edited the pictures several days later!


One of only two roadworthy Trofeo Sprints in the UK. This one sports aftermarket Ronal wheels.


'Suds lined up back to the house.



In spite of being covered in black overspray from the chassis work, and being generally filthy with grinding dust and road dirt, the wet Green Machine positively sparkled in the sunshine!

More to come!


03-09-2011, 03:01 PM
Right, more images...


Basildon Park House, in all its glory. Apparently this imposing property was used as the backdrop for one of the many re-workings of Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, although I am not sure which one...



Further afield, this Bertone coupe gave me an opportunity to capture some of the incoming inclement weather...


...And this one, of Rod's green Alfasud framed by the seemingly random parking arrangements of the 105 series model parking.


Another smart alloy wheel with an Alfa PCD...


Montreal register line-up looked impressive. Matt Barleet owns the white car in the centre. He lives at the end of a mile-long private roadway, so he recorded the sound of the car driving with no exhaust and was playing it back through his sound system. It did sound good I must admit!


Green Monty runs on quad downdraft Webers...


This Alfetta-based kit car turned up from Sweden. Its called a Pagano and in spite of having an Alfa TZ1 grille is in fact based on the Ferrari 500 racecar from the 1950s. There was a similar kit available in the UK in the 1980s called the SD500 I seem to recall (Transformer had the moulds for a while). Anyway, top marks to the two guys who drove it here, across 4 countries with no weather equipment whatsoever!


Alfa Junior Zagato in the special interest line-up...


Historic rally prepared Giulietta hardtop looked nice...


Prize-winning Alfa Arna has just broken cover after a meticulous restoration. Alfa Romeo management thought that for 1980 they would team the legendary style and build quality of the Nissan Cherry with the legendary reliability of the Alfasud, and then wondered why sales were slow! Not as bad as people would have had you believe at the time, virtually none survive today.


Beautiful Alfetta coupe has been owned by the same guy from new. Extremely rare in the UK, where we preferred Guigiaros smooth GTV hatchback derivative, this quite staid looking car does have one claim to fame...


...It is the source for the rear lights used by Lamborghini in the Countach! I suspect there are actually more Lambos running around with these lights than there are Alfettas now.


Prize giving time, and the red Monty lines up in front of the main house...

So that was NAD 2011 I was really glad I went, the Green Machine ran well, with the exception of the oil slick (which turned out to be more Exxon Valdez than Torry Canyon :D), and I didn't get too wet either. The promise of inclement weather meant that not one Minari turned up, in spite of there being at least half a dozen examples within a 50 mile radius. Sums up most kit cars, doesn't it?