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09-04-2012, 10:52 AM
OK, this was only going to be of limited interest (or so I thought), but the sun was out, so why not?


In the non-theme car park, I had a chance to compare tail lights with a Scimitar SE5a...


This was taken before I cleaned the car...


Heading up a group of PH'ers, this newly imported Australian-spec 1974 Porsche, in its original Porsche Lime Green (Gelb?) paint. The similarity in colour to the Green Machine did not go unnoticed - its the closest match I have seen to date.



On-site proper, and this Foden steam omnibus turned up. Obviously for when your hair's on fire, you need something a bit quicker, but on a lovely warm Spring Sunday morning, what could be better?


Back out in the non-theme car park, a Riley 1.5 rally car had arrived...



And this familiar RW Karma. I know it doesn't look much like a real Dino, but the interior trim, seats, all the little detail bits have been done really well.





An Extra 300 or similar did some aerobatics for our amusement; alas, rather beyond the limit of my lens (sorry about the scanning lines as well, that's down to the negative scanner at the developers)


T-6 Texan (Harvard) taxis ready for take-off. The distinctive ear-splitting racket these things make on take-off is due to the tips of the propeller blade going supersonic :clapping:


Most of the non-car theme vehicles were motorbikes, as you would expect. Most were just boring modern bikes out for a Sunday run, but this was by far my favourite - apparently a hybrid of a Triumph parallel-twin engine and Norton Featherbed frame, to make the ultimate '60s cafe-racer!


And so, to the non-theme car park for the last time, and this nice 356 coupe had arrived...


...as had this big Ford Zephyr (Z-cars, anyone?)


...together with this exquisitely detailed set of air intakes, belonging to the ultimate in non-theme cars...


...A Bologna-registered Lamborghini Aventador, on loan from the UK concessionaries to the driver and his wife, who observed that rear vision (through the colour TFT display) was absolutely awful and he wouldn't like to try reversing it!

Brown Vauxhall Viva saloon parked next door was, alas, completely upstaged by this outrage on wheels!


09-04-2012, 12:31 PM
Its funny because I saw that last photo and thought "pity that ugly orangey brown monstrosity is in the way of the Viva" Sorry but that Lamborghini is pig ugly. Its obviously aimed at people like Richard Hamond and others with small appendages.

09-04-2012, 01:32 PM
Nice photos Lauren.

I like the way Lambo still produce supercars that look outrageous. 'Outrageous' offers interesting design techniques and details to appreciate and use as inspiration when doing things like building a Nova. These kind of cars are like art forms. Sculptures. Like a piece in the Saatchi Gallery, love them or hate them they are a subject to ponder over and decide if you like them or not. That makes them interesting.

I wonder if Italians compare the style of their cars with their own personal appendeges? I very much doubt. They appreciate their supercars for the machines that they are and 'bellisimo!" when they see one. The driver is probably immaterial. In America they appreciate a nice car as they appreciate success. They probably appreciate the driver as much, if not more. What's happened to the attitude in this country? I wonder if it was always like this? I'm sure this is why I feel so much happier driving the Nova in France than in England. Smiles V's sneers.

Rant over.