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22-04-2012, 05:56 PM
I didn't go to Detling on the first day because I was at Goodwood for the annual Lancia Motor Club (LMC) track day. For this mission I took my trusty Practika 35mm commiecam, but the lighting conditions were iffy, to say the least. Anyway, here's what I saw...


Its a Lancia track day, but there are a few Alfa owners too. This is a 101 series Giulietta.


Plenty of Lancia Montecarlos this time...


Lovely Fulvia





This is a mid-engined Lancia Beta coupe. It was built by a chap called Mick Colville, up in Yorkshire. He also built a twin engined Alfasud, which he also had painted in Alitalia livery. Of the two, this is the most convincing, its like a little Lancia 037 Group B car. Engine is an Alfa V6, transversely mounted with integral 5-speed gearbox. When I last spoke to Mick at Auto Italia 3 years ago he told me that the car had been over to Italy on a club trip. Just imagine taking this little baby over the Alps!



Centaur is a 750 Motor Club racer. Originally only open to cars derived from the pre-war Austin 750, the rules were relaxed in the 1970s to allow the all-alloy Reliant engine and drivetrain to be used. Now that Reliant are no more, the club now allows cars to compete with the 1 litre Fiat engine - and this one has a FIAT/Lancia model for good measure. Induction system is interesting, the car was built for a non-crossflow engine, so this one has long inlet manifolds to clear the drivers legs. Also, only one of the chokes in the enormous carburettor is actually being used - the other venturi has been stripped of all its hardware :D




I thought it was a Fiat 127 at first - then I did a double-take, because the engine is in the back! Its a Fiat 133, an interim model using the Fiat 500 2-cylinder engine in the 127 bodyshell. This one was an absolute peach, with a pukka Abarth engine, repositioned fuel tank, front-mounted radiator for better weight distribution etc.

If you look closely you can see the wheels are Weller Racing steels, same as mine (only 13" instead of 15"). Car of the day for me :clapping:



Fiat X1/9 means business - the engine cover has been replaced by a fabricated panel incorporating a "periscopio" air intake for the carbs, and there is a tiny trip spoiler across the rear edge. Also note the diffusers underneath!


Lamborghini Diablo SV dropped by to see what was going on...

More to come...


22-04-2012, 06:15 PM
Some more...


Lancia Beta coupe has octagonal lamp covers. Very classy. I don't know how many of these were built, but its the first example I have seen...


Volvo P1800 popped in for a while...


...as did this classic Ferrari.


This is what all the fuss was about in 1980. A Lancia Beta. Legend has it that these cars were made from re-processed Russian steel and rusted faster than you could blink. So its pretty amazing to find one in this condition...


...And if you thought that was a rare sight, what about this? A Lancia Beta saloon. To me it looks like cross between an NSU Ro80 and a Peugeot. Rare indeed, but not necessarily desirable!



How authentically 1980s is that? A David Bowie cassette on the floor of a Fiat X1/9 VS...



Fulvia V4s waiting to head out onto the track...


Back end of the much-modified X1/9 track day car. Note that the removable roof panel also has a trip spoiler added - this guy has clearly thought about his aero package...



There's a time and a place for a 1/500th shutter speed, and this was it. Unfortunately, I was only using 1/250th :facepalm:


Yellow Montecarlo competes in the Top Hat post-historic racing series. Ding dong!


This 1978 car was for sale. Nice looking motor.


You can see the more aggressive camber of the front wheels in this picture, which I have been running since last year. Together with a touch more negative at the rear, it has completely transformed the feel of the car.


That's yer lot for now!