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18-05-2012, 07:54 PM
Hello all.

I've only just noticed that my gears are of a seriously close ratio since I had new gearbox internals made up many years ago. Today I unbolted the shifter to remove the quick shift mod that was put on the car a long time ago in an attempt to make the gears not so close to one another (whilst shifting through them). I realise that this may not have anything to do with the issue but anyway...

I layed all the components out on a rag and then looked online to see other people's examples of this set up as well as companies that sell the original set up and the quick shift mod. Then I noticed something amiss. Now I'm curious to know what other Nova owners have. It's not the most obvious thing to recall so I don't expect many replies but some of you may know or may have photos to show.

The standard set up includes the following parts:

Shift stick/rod with a threaded top, a round mushroom thing, a welded on small round 'stopper' and a round ball end with 'peg'. (I'm making up names for some of these things).
Shift plate
Rubber Gear boot
Rubber cover

The quick shift kit includes the following parts:

Diamond shaped metal plate
Two longer bolts
Quick shifter mushroom thing

(see here: http://www.machine7.com/product.php?xProd=2024 although to confuse matters ever more the quick shift mushroom bit doesn't look like my one. Mine looks like the ones in the examples below.

I've noticed that my set up does not have the standard set up 'round mushroom thing' or the peg that sticks out of the ball at the bottom of the shifter rod. I can't tell from online photos if the round mushroom thing is welded to the shifter rod or is loose and slides up and down it. And what is the peg for?

The following link shows us a guy who explains how to fit the quick shifter on a bus. Maybe buses have diffeent parts, I don't know, but here it clearly shows him sliding on the quick shift mushroom thing on top of the standard set up mushroom thing (which I don't have)....


The following link shows us a guy who doesn't know what to do about fitting his quick shifter so he's asked on a forum and received some good replies, one which shows photos, again showing the quick shift mushroom thing on top of the standard set up mushroom thing (which I don't have)...


This photo shows the standard set up. All these components can be bought. It clearly shows the mushroom thing on the shifter rod. It looks like it must be part of it, like it's welded on. How come I don't have one? It also clearly shows the peg thing at the very bottom of the shifter rod which mine again doesn't have...


That photo was taken from this page:


To summarise:

1. How come mine doesn't have the standard set up mushroom thing that looks like it's welded on to the shaft? Could it have been removed? If so why?
2. What is the 'peg' for and why doesn't mine have one? Where would the peg locate into?

I'm keen to know what components other Nova owners have and also if anyone can spread any light on this or show me something online that may help?


18-05-2012, 08:16 PM
Well, all I can tell you is that the mushroom thingy (that you dont have) is what the gear leaver pivots on. The big other thingy that bolts to the floor goes over the top of the gear leaver & a bearing face inside contacts the top of the mushroom thigy (that you dont have) All the quice shift kit does is just raises the pivot point, ie the mushroom thingy (that you dont have) thus increasing the throw of the gear leaver below the pivot point ie the mushroom thingy (that you dont have)

I cant even begin ti think whay you have not got your mushroom thingy as I would imagine that it is essential to the working of the gear leaver.

THe peg in the ball at the bottom also has me stumped & all I can think is that it has something to do with the reverse lock out. Cant recall seeing it on my gear leaver.

guess you are none the wiser after my dribble so I'll let another Nova ut have a go.


18-05-2012, 08:50 PM
No Bushboy that's very helpful. The peg thing is a mystery as I could aways select reverse without a problem. The cup that the ball pivots in has no slot for the peg so I wouldn't know which way round to put it if I did have one. Very odd. The mushroom thingy (that I don't have :wink:) makes sense. Is yours welded to the shift rod or is it loose? I'm wondering if at one stage it may have fallen off? I'll take a photo of my rod and post it so you can see what I have. :rofl:

I've updated my diagram above with some comments.

18-05-2012, 10:28 PM
Well I found something else online which goes deeper. This guy talks about the mushroom on the sitck rod being made of plastic and that it clips onto something. eh? Here is his article:

Now it is time to put the shifter back together. I will be explaining how to put the shifter together WITH a quick shift kit (reduces throw, by raising the shift angle). If you are not installing a quick shift kit, than disregard all instructions pertaining to it. Its pretty easy to put the shifter back together... Assuming its completely apart, what you want to do first is slide the little "mushroom" looking plastic bushing over the metal looking "mushroom" on the shifter rod itself (just clips on.) And then the first thing in installing the quick shift kit, is to put the "ball" with the hole through the middle right on down on top of the "mushroom". You now need to lubricate the ball. On the first installation I used white lithium grease, but once I installed it, it rattled. In the Bentley manual it says to use a "very thick" grease if your shifter rattles. So for the rest of the shifter lubricant, I used a thick bearing grease (axle grease). After the ball is lubed up good, slide the top plate over the shifter rod (its the part that the shifter pivots inside of). And then, you can reinstall the rubber shifter boot. Once that is done, your almost ready for installation in the car!


There's more but that's the important bit. So, again it mentions the mushroom but this time that it is made of plastic and it clips on to something. No mention of the peg in the ball though.


OK, having looked on the VW Heritage catalogue there is indeed a plastic 'bush' which going by what the other guy says - clips on around the smaller circular welded on bit on the shaft. And guess what? It is 'not currently available'! Oh dear. I'll have to have a hunt around online. I'm going to replace all the other bits too. Why not? Everything else has been! As for the peg, hmmm... not sure. I either keep my shortened shaft without peg or get a new shaft, get it shortened a be a proud owner of a peg!

I reckon the peg is to stop reverse gear being selected by mistake. Although it takes some effort to select reverse so maybe I'm wrong.

I'm going to have a hunt around in my 'box of small plastic bits' to see if there's one lurking in there.


19-05-2012, 07:48 AM
.................. I'll take a photo of my rod and post it so you can see what I have. :rofl:

Keep it clean, however I'll try to get my rod out today & take a picture of it for you. And so commences the ROD envy thread.

I think that the pin in the ball is there to stop the shaft from rotating so that the "H" pattern on top of the gear nob stays the right way up. I know that my rod keeps rotating & my 5 speed "H" keeps facing the wrong way so I don't have a pin in my ball!!

More to follow


19-05-2012, 08:27 AM
Ah yes I think you're right as mine could always rotate all the way round too.

I'm interested to hear what other owners have.


19-05-2012, 02:52 PM
Mine can do a 360 rotation also, which is actually handy as mine has a bend 1/2 way down and means I can rotate it away from my knees when I get in the car (at 6' 5" it makes a difference). From memory when I last took out the gearshift due to play I don't remember seeing any little pin stuck in the ball at the end.........

but will definitely be watching this thread with interest now :wink:

19-05-2012, 03:08 PM
Had a pin on my 1966 shifter untill I changed it for the Skoda 1300 one. which if you can find one (in UK) is a fantastic replacement with a sharp short shift.

19-05-2012, 03:17 PM
Peter you seem to have a thing for Skoda's, the only good thing I can remember about them was that they had a good heated rear windscreen to keep your hands warm while you pushed them along the road :facepalm:

19-05-2012, 08:15 PM
Ok, After performing domestic duties I went into the shed & pulled my rod out so I could photograph it.

And here it is.......What a beauty


The "pin" in the ball at the bottom is actually a captured spring loaded ball. There is no corresponding indent in the recieving knuckel on the selector shaft so my thining is now that it is an anti rattle device & that the rod can & does rotate.

Here is a close up of the ball end


Over to the other exhibitioners out there.


20-05-2012, 02:06 AM
Hmm very interesting and useful, mine does rattle so when I get back to the UK I will be taking it apart and seeing if the ball bearing is present.

20-05-2012, 09:29 AM
Well this is all very interesting. Thanks Bushy for dismantling your components and I guess cleaning them too. Good effort! Mine too has the little ball bearing on one side. Is that mushroom thing on yours welded to the shaft or does it unclip (and if so what's it made of?).

I reckon that when mine was shortened many moons ago they cut off the mushroom thing and I think that's probably why my gear lever waggles left and right in neutral by quite some distance. I also blame this for the fact that it also makes a cluncking sound when it is waggled.

I've gone and ordered this:

http://www.justkampers.com/shop/1137981 ... 16743.html (http://www.justkampers.com/shop/113798120-gear-stick-kit-j16743.html)

That should do the job and looks like it comes with a welded on mushroom. And a peg. I'll have to shorten the shaft but that's OK as my one is not long enough so at least now I'll be able to get it just right for me. I'll then try it without the quick shift and then with it, to see if it makes much difference. I'm quite looking forward to fitting it all.

It's amazing when you do a complete re-build from a car put together by someone else you start to discover things a-miss! This is definately the last of those examples as everything else has been looked at.


20-05-2012, 10:16 AM
Peter you seem to have a thing for Skoda's, the only good thing I can remember about them was that they had a good heated rear windscreen to keep your hands warm while you pushed them along the road :facepalm:

:laugh: , never heard that one, NOT. :whistling: I had 8 Skodas and not a bad word to be said about them, most 'Skoda' jokes are recycled Lada ones anyway. But as Skoda is made by VAG and even before that there was a very close collaboration so many parts are interchangable, such as same PCD. disc brakes, 5 speed gear box goes on with a little help etc.
I have over a dozen differnt makes and model of car into my SS, just the best bits for the job.