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04-06-2012, 10:18 AM
OK, a little bit late (as is the norm when I am using 35mm), here's what I found at the Hayling Reunion this year.

The weather forecast for Sunday 13th May turned out to be surprisingly accurate; bright sunshine to start, a bit cloudy in the middle and sunshine to end. And coooooold!

Last year this event was held at the funfair at Beachlands, right on the seafront. The owner of the venue is a bit of a hot-rod fan apparently, so the venue was retained for this year. Hosted by the local custom car club, Victory Wheelers, the Hayling reunion remembers the days when hot rods would blast up and down the esplanade (I remember I went to one around 1990). Of course now the authorities take a bit of a dim view of such activities, so the event is now a static show and the venue couldn't be better the funfair car park is right on Hayling beach!

So, armed with the Zenith (for a change) and my fixed focus and zoom lens, I headed off bright and early, arriving at the funfair just before 8:30 and in time to secure a slot right on the beach next stop France!







I passed a Model A Ford on the A3, he parked next door I don't know if it was genuine or a fibreglass replica (you can get them I believe), but it got a lot of attention throughout the day...


Love the California beach party look of this shot...





Right, enough of that. The car park is behind the funfair rollercoaster ride, which looked so rusty (even the bits that shouldn't be) I thought it was derelict at first...



Later, I saw it in action there was lots of screaming, presumably by occupants genuinely fearing for their lives!


Flatheads in abundance...


But also...


...A Maserati Biturbo V6, just to ring the changes. Interesting engine, quite unreliable in its early form, but quite handy too with over 200 bhp available from 2.5 litres. I wouldn't say no, although I would have to do something about that horrible airbox.


I'm getting some sort of light contamination on this camera. There again, flat black doesn't photograph well in bright sunshine :D



More California dreamin'...


People in the know say this is one of the best Camaros on the show circuit in the UK today.


I'm absolutely loving these channeled Ford pickups.


Too windy, even for seagulls!


Another classic English hot rod...


Favourite hot rod of the day for me. Chopped and channeled, this Ford pickup sports the absolute peak of performance engine development in the early '50s a supercharged flathead with special twin-plug cylinder heads. Apparently only 18 pairs are known to exist anywhere in the world...



Twin ignition coils, dual-point 16 plug distributor. Traditionally used by Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, twin-spark ignites the mixture at the correct timing point with the first plug, then follows it up with a second spark a few degrees later. This helps to burn excess fuel and develop more power in engines with poor combustion chamber design like sidevalve flatheads. With modern computer-aided gas flow analysis, almost all of the fuel in a modern engine is burnt in combustion chambers, so the practice has completely died out today.


Late arrival '72 Plymouth Barracuda is a fresh import into the UK. It has the de-tuned-for-'72 340 c.i. V8, and is resplendent in hockey sticks, American Racing alloys and a Go-Wing (at the wrong angle for downforce, as always). Unfortunately in other respects this is a base model, with drum brakes all round (painfully obvious through those alloy wheel spokes), three-on-the-tree automatic (at least it would be the 727 Torqueflite with this engine) and standard (non-tacho) dashboard. Still looks lovely though!

By the end of the afternoon I was fed up with the Ford Anglebox next door getting in the way of Nova pictures, so I moved down the beach a bit.



All-in-all, a great day out, although I think the Zenith will have to stay at home next time; by using slower shutter speeds I was able to eliminate the exposure problems I used to have, but there is still light leakage getting in somewhere and spoiling the image quality. This was highlighted by some of the professional photography that came out of the event...

http://api.ning.com/files/31uJe5dSYQZNx ... C_8719.JPG (http://api.ning.com/files/31uJe5dSYQZNx6NDM5OaNFH2xbnnAwE8sfAJzG8AGRruC939Tc GhQntd1-hFr5N6GC9gKVmbtg-t*DwHa8P-YgXDaw0QDACH/DSC_8719.JPG)

http://members.solent-renegades.co.uk/m ... ag0335.jpg (http://members.solent-renegades.co.uk/members/transamdan-albums-hayling-reunion-2012-picture7071-imag0335.jpg)

http://members.solent-renegades.co.uk/m ... a70202.JPG (http://members.solent-renegades.co.uk/members/matt-103-albums-hayling-reunion-2012-picture7025-sta70202.JPG)

That's all folks!


04-06-2012, 04:36 PM
Very entertaining. Thanks L!

Glad your handbrake didn't fail otherwise you may have made Hildi jealous!


04-06-2012, 06:05 PM
Thanks Giles. I think Rob would only be jealous if the Green Machine actually floated... which it wouldn't. I suppose I could have a go at a Green Submarine... :laugh: