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14-11-2013, 11:13 AM
right need help as not sure how to do it
pics of interas please i have a mk3 dash i think all one big piece with one big cover
mx5 seats
and thats it no carpets
so blank canvas just want ideas

14-11-2013, 04:05 PM
Bit like "how long is a bit of string?", everyone has their own ideas and most find their way onto this or the other 'droop snoop' forums where Cimbrias, Eagles, Nova's, Stirling's and Eureka's all have slightly different takes and each country has a different take on what is current and all are individual designs that are either modern, bling, retro or some mix of that according to the owners taste, there is no right or wrong..
My interior would horrify some and (has been) copied by others. It's what you make it, but....

A few pointers. :wink:

Do it LAST. After mechanicals, electrics, paint and glass.

Realise you limitations in skill, facilities and finance before you start, plan what you will HAVE to farm out to get a good job, failing to do so is where so many projects fall down and fail.

Try NOT to plonk too many OEM parts from other cars in the cockpit without some form of customising to hide the origin, it ends up looking like someone getting dressed in a thrift shop, in the dark. or in our case, a scrapyard, in the dark., make it look as if the parts should be there and not just tacked on. If, for instance, you have a nice pair of MX5 seats in black leather (and you have got them to fit!) then that's fine, leave them as is but then design the rest around them, don't do the dash etc. out of context with them.

Design your interior with some basic concept drawings, lots of them, don't follow the original dash etc. shape if that's not what floats your boat, make your own, it's not too difficult, base it on what YOU would like or base it on a production car's interior like, I did from a Veron,
Veron,638MY PaintShop take on a Veron635>>>>and my SS now636

Choose you colours and if two tone be careful with ratios, get a good 'balance' and don't go to 'radical', you will have to live with it, I changed my carpets from RED to dark grey as it was too RED and out of balance.

Budget, very important. All too many projects have failed due to failing to allow a decent sum to do the interior, you might like a nice set of 8 stainless steel push buttons but remember at 18 a pop it quickly adds up.

The inside does not have to echo the exterior, it can work very well if the principal trim colour is in contrast and the 'second' trim colour is the same as the paint job or contrasting. Up to you.

If you are doing upholstery, either be good at it or buy it or get it done, nothing looks worse than badly hand sewn seams and covers.

Try not to hop about (like I do) start at one point, normally carpets then console, dash and electrics and then trim, door cards, roof lining etc.

But most important is enjoy it and make it yours.

If you would like to have :help:I would be pleased to put in my two pence worth, just need to establish parameters and come up with concepts :confused1:.

We are all here to help.:group:

16-11-2013, 12:34 AM
I think Peter did a very good job on getting his to look like the photo he used as his model and inspiration :thumbup:

I have put together a bunch of interior photos from Novas and Sterlings here. There not all in a finished state, but will provide some useful ideas of what to do, or not as the case may be.


16-11-2013, 11:06 AM
There are some very nice ones there, I particularly like the red one with the white interior, ICE was always a nice one and there are some horrible ones with bits stuck on as an afterthought and one that looks like it was inspired by a 19th century mid west 'gentleman's club'. Just proves, one mans dream is another's nightmare. In some cases it would just be a change of switches or carpets that would make a huge difference. Black always works but then you need a highlight or contrast to offset it all.
Having a BA in automotive design can help, IF it's current, mine is so old it's on papyrus. :whistling:

17-11-2013, 09:57 PM
Nice selection there Dave. You can see why I am re-designing my dash though!

Some of the later Sterling and Eureka dash designs work quite well, although I have always thought that burr walnut tends to detract from the futuristic look!


19-11-2013, 07:41 PM
472... WOW looks like a cockpit. Too many dials/gauges and buttons for my taste.

20-11-2013, 10:49 AM
right need help as not sure how to do it
pics of interas please i have a mk3 dash i think all one big piece with one big cover
mx5 seats
and thats it no carpets
so blank canvas just want ideas

O.K. So now you may have some sort of idea, what ARE you thinking, classic, retro, current or or SiFi. colours?
Keep us in the loop.