View Full Version : The Batmobile Eaglel SS !!

20-03-2014, 08:59 PM
Lots of Eagles about at the moment .....Heres one pretending to be the Batmobile :facepalm:


21-03-2014, 11:03 AM
WTF! :cry: Fortunately there is a Ford SS body going on Ebay.

12-10-2014, 07:44 PM
The black ss was mine but as eagle ss projects are worth very little i tried to get a bit more intrested by selling it as a possable batmoble project, well it worked as i got 600 for the car as i sent it aboard
I know excaly what it was but you have to be a little clever when selling somthing with little value

13-10-2014, 07:13 AM
Of little value? Only because you valued it so, you certainly didn't do the rest of us SS owners any favours. A couple of Eagle SSs have gone for ten times what you sold it for in Europe! My engine alone would cost you 2,000 and I wouldn't let the car go for under 7K and I know I can get it. There were only 345 VW SSs ever made and the minimum is 1K as a runner. What you did was to lower the value of the car to such a worthless price that anyone would have bought it for the car parts only. All the 'Bat mobile' joke did was waste your time and money and a perfectly good car that will hopefully be completely stripped down and restored.:@ Clever? I think quite the opposite.

13-10-2014, 02:33 PM
Touchy touchy!
The car was worthless, it was given to me for free, i offerd to it to everyone i knew and it was valued at zero, the engine was a worthless 1.8 the screen was smashed and the body had been cut about, it had the worse paint job in existence and due to chassis rust was dangerous, the scrap mad wouldnt take it for free and no one wanted the body, i know the value of an eagle ss and although it is a sad fact but unless there on the road and look the part they have very little value, everyone is aware of this and know that if the screen is smashed thats 80% of its value, your car has a screen but is still a project so has some value but good luck with the 7k, but then again records are there to be broken i guess, just dont judge me in making 600 out of somthing i was given and a scrap man wouldnt even take, i wish it was worth 1 million pounds but there just not worth that, being clever and selling it as a batmobile project got the car sold and saved it from the grinder then the dump

13-10-2014, 02:37 PM
Oh and sorry but not being stripped and restored its hanging on a resturant ceiling but if it makes people happy then i guess i did save it in one way