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09-05-2014, 08:36 PM
OK, this event gets the show season under way for me. Held on Good Friday and organised by the Surrey Street Rodders, this year saw the event move from its home in Aldershot to Dunsfold Aerodrome, otherwise known as the Top Gear test track!

Nova-less again for the second year running, I caught a lift with Sean and after some skilful navigating, which brought us to the entrance without having to queue for over an hour like the poor unfortunates coming in from the A283 or A3, we were on-site by 8:30!

This is what I saw through the lens of my trusty commiecam...



Mazda RX4 is extremely rare in this country. I just love the shrunken American muscle car looks. Engine is a 2-rotor Wankel, with two distributors, each with only two points; one fires the first plug on the first rotor, the second fires the first plug on the second rotor, while the other distributor does the second plug on the first rotor and the second plug on the second rotor (or something like that). This is the same yellow car I spotted on Drive It Day at Brooklands a few years back.



1970 Ford Torino was fabulous! The front facing shot is also my favourite snap of the day.


We hadn't got far before Sean spotted a '68 Ford pickup with a big block V8 and a detachable camper van “pod” at the back. While he was talking to the guys selling it, I swapped the wide angle for a 50mm Zeiss lens and took this shot...


One of these otherwise identical Ford Ranchero pickups is a regular, the other is absolutely stunning!



Early fastback Barracuda...


BMW 2002 Touring...


Dodge A100 camper. Quite rare, apparently. This one has the 318 cubic inch (5.2 litre) V8...


Mk2 Capri was a family heirloom, and utterly immaculate. 1600cc automatic isn't going anywhere fast, but that's how it was purchased...


Jag-based Cougar, sitting pretty, surrounded by a sea of Mopars...


How about this? An original VW Passat, in that familiar bright orange you used to see. I'd forgotten how neat the styling was on this Guigiaro effort, particularly around the rear lights...


TEAL Buggati Type 35 replica has all the right bits. The only giveaway is the smaller-than-you-would-expect headlights (from a 7even) and the rack and pinion steering. And disc brakes of course...


Speaking of Guigiaro, here's another one of his creations...

More to come!


09-05-2014, 08:37 PM

Chrysler Windsor (in pink of course) made a change from the usual Virgil Exner fare (New Yorkers, Firedomes, Furys were all absent this year)...


Shelby GT500 Mustang. I'm not a fan of the “Bullit” Mustang personally, but this was a nice example...


Stuart Keane's old Superbird, now back in the UK after spending a few years abroad (Holland I think). Poor shutlines are straight from the factory; panel fit on the homologation cars always left a lot to be desired – but would run to a genuine 140 mph if given a chance!


One of only 3 Dodge Challengers that made it on-site; this was easily the best of the trio...


Mercury Cyclone Spoiler was the Ford NASCAR homologation special. The bumper over-riders mark this car as a clone, but in other respects is identical to the factory item...


'72 Mercury Montego is so ugly it's cool!


Mini rat-bike built out of scrap...


Triumph Trident custom, apparently produced in small numbers in California. Lashings of chrome and metalflake paint (yummy!)


Plymouth Road Runner without the Superbird kit...


The Dunsfold fire engine! I want one!

(But I would remove the foam tanks, roof cannon and maybe replace the engine with a gas turbine... and a new paint job perhaps...)


'72 Challenger was less performance oriented, after the mighty Hemi and 440 V8s were dropped due to spiralling insurance premiums. Still a good looking motor though. The Dunsfold Jumbo Jet (with its curious paired engines, like a B52) can be seen in the distance...


Mk1 Capri RS3100. Might be real, but there again, it might be a clone...



Fabulous, gorgeous, elegant, refined... I'm running out of superlatives to describe the Vickers VC10. Designed to fly out of Nairobi airport (altitude 3,000 ft) in 40 degree heat, and 100% humidity, the VC10's 4 Rolls-Royce Conway turbofans had sufficient reserves of power to ensure that, to this day, only Concorde was faster on the trans-Atlantic routes. An absolute classic!



Ahh, but this brings back memories! The Barracuda (or 'Cuda, as the sporty versions were called) had a unique “cheese grater” grille with quad 5.75” headlights for 1971. I've always preferred the coupe variant myself, but you can't deny this metallic gold convertible looks the business with the roof down. 340 cubes of smallblock power, 727 Torqueflite with “Slap-Stik” sequential shifter (I had an identical set-up on my Fish), rim-blow steering wheel and Rallye instrumentation pack – yup, this one has the lot!

So that was it. The consensus of opinion was that access to the venue was a disaster, and I don't think the turnout was as large as last year, but at least it didn't rain!


10-05-2014, 06:14 PM
Very nice pictures. So glas you described the colour of the cars (yellow watsit, pink windsor etc) as for some reason my pc is only displaying them in black & white:munky:


10-05-2014, 07:15 PM
Ah. Yes, sorry I forgot to mention I was using B&W film... :blushing:

11-05-2014, 08:29 PM
It just reminded me of that classic line from pot black way back when colour TV came out.

Something a long the lines of

"....and for those with black & white TV's its next to the yellow one"

Still great pictures Lauren.


12-05-2014, 05:48 PM
"....and for those with black & white TV's its next to the yellow one"

Brilliant :rofl:

13-05-2014, 04:19 PM
Great photos Lauren. Reminds me of the ones I used to take whilst doing my photography GCSE course. Er... I didn't mean it like that... :outahere: