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14-04-2016, 09:23 PM
i spotted this Nova that had been bought in the UK and is now for sale in Sweden at KR20000 roughly 1730 The paint job is a little unusual and does not look the best near the front wheel arch and The translation is a bit dodgy but i think we can get the idea


Translation Reads

Body: Nova kitcar, bought in England
Painted in white with flake in, and orange flake field
Wing in the SC styling
The plate entirely of stainless steel with lower seat bracket
Chairs from the Corbeau and steering wheel
Projector lenses until xenon converted, DRL air intakes
Led lights behind.
1300cc engine, lacks pressure plate, clutch disc and Distributors (any)
A little job before the inspection, fixing pistons to the ceiling (pneumatic or electric)
The braking distance needed new tubes until otherwise in order
Empi exhaust Monza
Stood at Elmia in Easter, with many happy cries http://boxerville.se/forum/img/smilies/big_smile.pnghttp://boxerville.se/forum/img/smilies/big_smile.png
Sold with 14 / 15tum cromespoke, not with 20tum
Price: 20000kr (body only costs according to date, about 15000 USD)