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    Mick and Alex are both building cars based on the pie valley chassis. You can read all about their progress in the "your cars" forum.

    You may get a better respopnse if you post any questions you have in one of the forums instead of starting a blog entry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueNova
    Hi there,
    Welcome to the Forum! Have a look under 'downloads' on the header of the Forum page and you'll find the build manuals there. There's also a vast amount of useful information throughout the Forum, and you'll find everyone very friendly and helpful.
    Is your white Nova the one that's just a body and was sold on eBay recently for just under £1K?
    Best of luck with your project ... best to start a thread under 'Your cars' and upload lots of photos as you go. Have a look there for members' projects.
    Hi Alistair, Thanks for your help, much appreciated. Yes the white body Nova on Ebay is the one I have got. I guess it is the beginning of a long painful saga but the car car is stunning looking.