• How to post pictures on the forum

    Ok, people are still having trouble posting pictures, so here is a quick simple guide, that should help you through it.

    Step 1:
    Step one is to upload the image that you want to put on the forum to a photobucket account, we have one for site use, details of which can be found in the photos forum.
    Once the pictures are uploaded, you need to scroll down until you see your picture, just underneath will be 4 boxes, you need to select the text in the 4th box down, and copy it.

    Step 2:
    Step two is to go back to the post that you were making on Euro-Nova, and in the new post box, enter your message and then paste your code. If you know the address of the image without copying it, then all you have to do is click the Img button just below the subject of your post, type the address, then click the Img button again.

    Step 3:
    Step three will now have your pasted code entered in to your new message, along with any text you have entered.

    Step 4:
    Step four is to submit your post and check its all worked.

    Additional comment:

    Some of you are having problems posting images, so lets clear it up.

    If you post your image on photobucket and you want to include it in your post here, go to photobucket and copy the link to the image, just the link, such as http://photobucket.com/album/picture.jpeg

    Then come to this site, post a new message and when you are ready to put in your picture, click the IMG button, just below where you type the title of your post, then paste the link you copied earlier and click IMG again, thats it.

    When you are done, before you click submit, make sure that the whole thing looks like this.

    If you are still having problems let one of the admin know and we'll arrange to show you in more detail, we also had a lot of problems with posting images when we first started using PHP boards, but after a while it becomes second nature.