• Front Camber

    I have had an issue vertually from day 1 since having the reek on the road. & that is a wobble through the steering wheel at speeds between 45 to 52 MPH. I cured it initially by spending as little time as possible in this speed zone.

    The right front tyre is also wearing on the outer edge much much more than the inner edge & the left hand tyre is wearing nice & evenly.

    Well I finally got around to doing somethig positive about it. While cleaning the wheels on the W/E I decided to take it off & adjust the camber on the concentric (or is it ecentric) top ball joint mount. I have now moved it all the way to the left, just by feel, no gauges, don't have any.

    Verdict, the wobble has gone, the steering feels lighter, & i'll have to wait & see with the wear.

    One day I will treat the reek to a full professional 4 wheel alignment. But first I'd like to fit a rack & pinion.

    Still piling on the commuter miles (only 10 per day now), & pleasing the daughter on the school run (cool car Lulu).

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