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    My new(ish) NOVA

    I too like the colour scheme you have chosen. Bright orange is a great colour for this car (as is bright green), and I think the gold Miura style lower

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    My new(ish) NOVA

    That's why I didn't go with that green- I wanted a similar colour to yours but found the Signal Green
    was indeed minty- the other Ford green I

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    My new(ish) NOVA

    Ah, OK, it's a big sunroof (like mine was) rather than the removable fibreglass panel I was thinking of. Only the latter variant had the vents. The expectation

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    My new(ish) NOVA

    Hi, yes that's the one- Looking at that for sale ad I have come a long way!
    I wonder about who owned it further back though maybe seen it at a show

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    My new(ish) NOVA

    Hi Novanewbie,

    I recognise your Nova. Keith (Kdnova) on the Forum brought it to our attention. His friend was looking for an idea of

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