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    Green Machine - On the Road...

    Nice write up and interesting to know the differences, I got most of my VDO gauges from Machine 7, but at the time no one in the UK had the speedo to

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    Roof relay confirmation

    The solenoid should have wire 72 going to the Lucar terminal and an earth wire going to the metal body of it. If you have made those 2 connections and

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    Roof relay confirmation

    It sounds to me like you might be activating the relay changeover function manually - the sequence of simultaneously connecting the power to the pump

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    The Strange Case...

    ...of the reversing oil pressure. A mystery in three acts, by Agatha Spacenut

    Act 1 – An Implausible Occurrence.

    As we enter

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    Roof relay confirmation

    Thanks Mick, understood.

    The other 2 wires from the side of the pump go to 56a and 56b on the relay, that's fine.

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