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    Giles's Nova

    Have to agree with Mark here!

    I've heard of Giles on this Forum but never looked at his thread. Mark's post prompted me to have a look

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    Phill's Nova Project finally begins

    Hi Phill, backfires suggest overly rich mixture, so it's worth looking at your plugs for sooty deposits. High idle speed would normally be vacuum problems

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    Phill's Nova Project finally begins

    Having a bit of an issue with the engine today. It's started to sound a bit rough. I suspect it's now only running on three cylinders and has started

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    Giles's Nova

    I am bringing this post back for an update from the owner please.
    This post was one of my main sources of inspiration when i was building my other

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    Tobias's Nova


    Aluminium, foam filled. £300.

    Fantastic quality, guaranteed for 10 years.

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