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    The post has gone way off topic (but I'm sure an administrator will soon jiggle the posts around and start a new thread)

    My two pennith

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    Hi Colin, Paul, Mario,
    The email below was sent to Pilkington this evening, I will follow-up with a call in the next couple of days:

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    Dirk's Avante

    That still doesn't make sense to me if it wants to suck and blow why not just do that from the inlet manifold, there is only a few inches between and

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    Back in the day I made a few fibreglass moulds and canoes. It's not that difficult, very satisfying, but fu..lipping messy. I used to get the materials

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    For ease of just painting & fitting it have a Nostrelled bonnet made. There is a lot less work, itching, missalignment etc making a full bonnet then

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