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    Nic's Sterling CCC #416

    Well, more than 6 months later... and the Orange car is still right where I left her, but covered and protected from the elements. It's "rainy season"

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    OK. Seems I covered it elsewhere but you seem to have done a better job anyway. Not seen a shifter plate with bush attached before, not in my day anyway.

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    Relocating the shift lever

    Nice update - thanks
    How far did you move the shifter back and can I ask what your height is?

    I'm 6"1 and moved the lever back

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    Relocating the shift lever

    As promised here is part 1 of relocating the shift lever.

    Just for your information this is the second relocating of the shift lever.

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    Didn't get any PM
    If you posted it on the Sterling site I very rarely log onto the site and messages are not emailed to me.


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