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    Yes "Will"(vpogv) that is the same style spoiler that you have.
    I think it matches the lines of the car so well that I made another.

    Brett Today, 04:30 PM Go to last post

    Front discs weak pedal

    If you have a solid pedal with the pipes clamped off then it is 100% the calipers and having them on the wrong side (up side down) is the problem for

    Peter Today, 12:16 PM Go to last post

    Front discs weak pedal

    I meant compbrake.

    Ill swap the calipers over and try again.
    Hopefully thats it

    ChrisBailey Today, 12:09 PM Go to last post

    Front discs weak pedal

    Yeah that is the answer mate, there must be air pockets in the caliper; the nipples should be at the top on either side.

    So if you can swap

    steve Today, 10:52 AM Go to last post

    Front discs weak pedal

    On the basis of air rising it would seem logical the bleed nipples are on the top. I have Lancia delta calipers on mine (as they have an integrated handbrake)

    islandman Today, 08:58 AM Go to last post