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    Wiring loom

    This is similar to "battle short", where circuit breakers are bypassed for emergency operation (I am thinking of Apollo mission control but

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    Cimbria SS, Subaru Powered

    Very impressive. I know from bitter experience how easy it is to get a "sloppy fit", body on chassis - boom, all done. NOT!


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    Glasgowgoers new Golf Kart

    Good thinking BushCaddy - just don't forget the regenerative braking for the wiper motor. You'll never stop laughing otherwise!

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    Cimbria SS, Subaru Powered

    Sometimes yes, but not this time. It was critical to plan ahead. I undersized all cuts to get a tight fit. So now the body fits like a glove. Also,

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    Cimbria SS, Subaru Powered

    You are following the eyeball engineering techniques, build first and figure out how to make it fit later on

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