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    Black Nova (or possibly individual parts?) for sale

    Not much detail in the advert. A poor quality photo suggest most of the body is there, along with a windscreen and alloys, but it's difficult to make

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    Servo brakes

    Has anyone run a nova with servo brakes, the fitting in not a problem but just wanted to know if anyone has used them a what are they like, particularly

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    Bobbybrown's New Nova - It's Arrived!!

    I guess one thing that I don't understand is why the starter would be getting any voltage at all with the key in the "on" position. The only

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    Searching rear bumper for my Sterling GT

    Unfortunately that is a later (Elam) Mk1 rear bumper, although it should fit the ADD undertray


    Spacenut Yesterday, 06:03 PM Go to last post


    Will be interesting to see how you get on with the servo, you'll definitely need a light foot regarding locking the brakes, having said that I'm contemplating

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