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    Bargain Nova Project

    I'll never forget seeing that for the first time at Stoneleigh. I remember staring open mouthed and completely unable to speak. I managed to turn my head

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    Classic Alfa Trackday, Goodwood

    Great to see another show visit!

    I also wondered the same as Dave if water gets in through the holes in the side windows but you've answered

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    Hood/Bonnet Hinge

    Forgot to mention that with the bonnet/hood tilted foreword in that setup that also requires that you have to lean over the sides to have access, and

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    Hood/Bonnet Hinge

    Hi Brett,

    That's great. I must admit that when I saw James's thread (and the photo of his smashed windscreen in Complete Kit Car) I decided

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    Hood/Bonnet Hinge

    The hinges that pivot in the front??

    I have looked into those but I don't think the hood/bonnet would move far enough forward to clear

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