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    Dash and Parts

    I love the seller's ebay nickname... I get the mental image of a farmer chasing an intruder away with a shotgun, shouting "Get orf my laaand!"

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    VHI - Vehicles of Historic Interest

    Nice one. So I take it you are coming to Stones?


    Dirk Yesterday, 10:50 PM Go to last post

    Phill's Nova Project finally begins

    It is a bit edge of you seat, it is even worse in the Avante as the headlight aperture is smaller and the hinged part of the flap is slightly higher than

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    Dash and Parts

    Looks like some sort of funnycar drag racer - actually, isn't there some Youtube videos of a black Nova drag racer?

    Nice to see you get the

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    Canopy Lifting Arm build

    The bearings are a nice touch, the hinges that David is talking about made by Ian used oillite bushes ( a bronze metal impregnated with oil) an improvement

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