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  1. Hi Mark apologies for the late reply I’ve only just seen your message ,didn’t receive a notification alert .In answer to your questions there is so much rubbish banded about in reference to the need for IVA etc. ,the people at DVLA kits &rebuilds couldn’t be more helpful ,after the initial contact they sent me a letter asking me to complete a build form but also a direct phone number ,email address and the name of the my case officer so I was able to ring them ,as you say quite a worrying form, was told the build form is just so they have something on an official doc they didn’t seem concerned about the lack of receipts, as long as the info you give them ties up with their files .I sent them photos of my car and other cars registered as Nova on their V5 they love photo evidence, so would help if you send photos of correctly registered car the same as yours
  2. Hi,

    Just interested in your thread about changing the v5 details as itís something I need to do on another kit car conversion I have.

    I thought I need to sell it as the internet keeps telling tales of the need for inspection at IVA offices before they change the v5 etc.

    I know itís ok if you have receipts of the build which is great if the owner did all the work, but like you I have no receipts as it was done a long time ago by a previous owner.

    That build form pdf seems to insist on receipts so did you submit it then they asked or did you ring them and when you explained they didnít need the form?

    Thanks for listening! I keep reading such conflicting stories itís tougher than building the actual car!
    Mine wouldnít need an Iva anyway as itís a mr2 with an Italian kit on but visually it doesnít resemble an mr2 now so needs a model name change.

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