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Thread: 1st Nova & the unregistered one

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    Its the 2 part liquid variety......I love this stuff, easy to work with, add to, or redo. A quick google popped up this supplier in the UK, plenty of other options

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post
    Iím still exploring rear light options, I came across these and thought the size may work. I was thinking they are a bit like Nicís idea on his car.

    They donít look nice when off, would have been nicer with a red lens rather than grey on the outside.

    Once powered up they look good in person, but the camera phone compensated so you donít see the very obvious change from side lights to brake lights, and even the indicator flow doesnít look as good on the video below (link) as in person.
    Personally I don't care for them. Aside from them being led, the shape and style look pretty basic.

    I haven't ordered any of these yet so I don't know if they fit but it may provide another option out there.

    Tail lights for motorcycles and ATV/UTV

    BOMPA tail light1.jpgBOMPA tail light2.jpg

    You would have to order 2 sets but the cost is very reasonable.

    This one looks to resemble the exhaust nozzle of a jet

    Motorcycle tail lights.jpg

    Bracket would have to be removed of course and then recess(french) them in.

    And before I hear any static about it, Yes there is no back up light but you can get one of those separately and install it where ever you choose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brett View Post
    Personally I don't care for them. Aside from them being led, the shape and style look pretty basic.

    Agreed, my thought at the time when I ordered one to check it out was to fix them frenched in set in pairs, something similar to what Nic did on his car although lower down in the bumper area (he made his lights if I remember correctly). However I agree, once I got them in person they don't really do it for me.

    I would really like some light clusters with dynamic indicators, which these had.

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    Another set of lights with possibilities (inner segment) as it has everything. Need to get measurements though

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    I wonder if the inner segment has the Fog light and the outer the brake light?


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    In part of the video the inner, outer and high level stop lamp all come on together indicating brakes. BUT in one part only the left inner is on, but when the brake is pressed the other segments come on so maybe it doubles as a fog/brake light

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