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Thread: 1st Nova & the unregistered one

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    One of the reasons I went for certain aspects of my dashboard design was to get a 2 DIN Android radio, GPS, Music etc.. unit to fit and look right. The challenge I came up against was that the fake wood surround dimensions were for a 6.2” screen, and the only android units I could find for the right size were the deeper units with a DVD player which I didn’t want.

    So, after some careful bending of the mounting brackets I offset a 7” unit slightly to one side, allowing one side of the wood trim to line up. Then some careful cutting to the other side of the wood trim to allow the unit to fit underneath, but still have the wood pressed tight on the bezel.

    As you can see the unit itself is very shallow, barely taking any space at all. I could have got a bigger unit, but I prefer these slimline lightweight ones with all the apps you would expect to find on any android phone

    Once fitted my next challenge was the wood trim piece that was supposed to go at the bottom the unit. This was cut off the original part which was much longer.

    I didn’t want to glue it to the large part, for two reasons; 1) In case I change the unit size later and 2) there really was very little material to do that and the part flexes a lot when being fitted. In the end I made the bottom piece removable separately by gluing some metal rod the part then that pushes into some holes in the fiberglass to hold it in place.

    I was watching an old Top Gear episode on TV the other day, and they were reviewing the Lexus LFA. So I know I have now managed to achieve a higher spec than that GBP 340,000 supercar…….as I have a cup holder and much to Jeremy Clarkson’s annoyance the LFA doesn’t!

    I’ve spent quite a bit of time fettling to get the various OEM inserts to fit right over the last couple of weeks, which included adding further fiberglass supports between the top and bottom of the centre of the dash. I’m now finally happy with it.

    Next I’ll start figuring out what to do with the various HVAC ducting and see it I can make all of that fit.

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    Patience pays off. Looks really good.
    Now you just need to fit it !

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    Excellent work David ... what a far cry from the original Nova dash .... and a cup holder too! Now everyone will want one

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    Amazing work David. Can't wait to see what it looks like in situ
    "The most beautiful kit car in the world - Motor"

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    Looking forward to seeing this in-situ, top work :-)

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    It looks fantastic, lets hope you get to do a trial fit this year.


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