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Thread: Peter's Eagle SS

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    He's back . Knee is a lot better after a couple of months now and I am walking almost normally and back to work and the wife has me trudging around the shops again, darn it.

    Managed a bit on the SS. electrics finally all done and the new duel function start/stop engine button all working.
    Logo on the console too.

    I still need to figure out the speedo pulses but at least I know how I am going to do it with a sensor on the left disc bracket and a toothed ring on the back of the hub/disc.

    Finally got my PB sorted out with very easy to use and free too. So up yours PB.

    Work, well back to it and straight in at a whopping 42 degrees and I hope to have sorted the problem of using carburetors at a stupid rate. 25 this season so far on 15 buggys. so I have worked with a guy and sorted a bolt on kit for EFI using microsquirt, a custom ECU and CDI etc. going to try 2 and if they are good than 14 more.
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    Nice one Peter

    I have decided to use too, no frills just as you say, and UK-based servers so unlike PB uploads don't grind to a halt when the US wakes up around mid-afternoon
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