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Thread: Peter's Eagle SS

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    LEDs a go-go
    These are the modified LED side light/indicator and fog light assemblies I have made up.
    Basicly one of each type 'Sikoflexed' together with an alloy tube bonded in for a pivot, alloy end plate will be fixed to the tubes and bonded on the back of the nose. The end of the covers had shaped bits but have been squared off.
    One row does the sidelights and indicators combined (white & orange) and the upper one is bright white for the fogs.

    (block is a 4 way waterproof connector)

    Hole chopped out of the nose where the Jaguar sidelight/indicators went will be back filled to give depth and smoothed off before the lights are fitted from behind as on my BMW E30 fog lights, rather than on the outside as before.

    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    Things to do, (still).
    Build up and smooth sidelight apertures, for sidelight/indicator, fog light units from behind.
    Finish tidying up wiring
    Finish rewiring nose and new connections for side lights etc.
    Make door cards.
    REMAKE centre consul and dash in metal as 10mm ply is too heavy and wide to clear seat cushions.
    Change ‘leather look’ for modern 3D carbon fibre look in red and black to match seat covering.
    Recess bonnet badge.
    Increase curve on bonnet to better fit body contour and fit new inlaid catch.
    Make and fit bonnet stays.
    Bleed brakes
    Finally give up on hydraulic throttle and convert back to cable.
    Finish fitting GPS/radio ‘sharks fin and run cables to consul and refit headlining.
    Fit interior and seats, hook up radio/TV/DVD/camera unit to amps and camera.
    Cover bonnet, boot and doors in black 3D carbon fibre?
    Sort out small oil leak at pump or sump area.
    And after tea!
    But getting there, again

    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    Finally managed to get a bit more done, keeping an eye on son in law as he changed his BMW 525 rear discs for vented ones so I could finish re-doing the front wiring harness to include everything up front in one neat corrugated tube. indicator/side/fog light units on x4 waterproof plug, running lights and front under lights to x4 waterproof plug on right and running lights on 2 way on left. Horns L&R. Headlight harnesses removed x4 connector and soldered direct to bulb plug thereby eliminating another weak joint.

    I've done the drawings for the new centre consul that I am going to make in metal as the current one is a good style but too heavy in 5mm ply. source of nice clean new metal, dexion shelves, 100x50 only 8€ each so 2 will be enough. only 14 parts to it plus a black carbon fibre overlay down the middle, the rest will be covered in red carbon fibre so it will match the seats and steering wheel. Might remake the dash top in metal too, this will allow me to make the side panels curve under better than the plywood strips currently used and be stronger.

    Exterior wise I am thinking of doing the bonnet, boot and doors in black carbon fibre (like a Konig) and the rest in satin black.

    Shark fin antenna at rear of roof with a FM antenna and a GPS module, cable run across roof and down right A post to dash strut and then to 7" radio/gps/DVD etc unit.

    So much to do, I don't know how I managed to find time to go to work in the past before I 'retired'.

    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    Just for Giles, who I'm begining to think is maybe just a bit picky, Hmmmm,
    I aim to please, (usually miss by miles, but hey ho).

    Parts and bits used in building Ukhozi (Black Eagle)

    S=second hand (mostly scrap yard),
    D=fitted but since discarded/replaced.
    F=Fabricated from scratch
    ?= Dono nuffin'

    Initial project;
    • S, Used Embasee Charger and box of bits inc disc brakes. £400.00 the lot. Bargain even back in 1995.
    • Body resold with the 195/14 wheels for £50,
    • 1966 rolling chassis (116736011) with 1300 gearbox, starter and box of bits retained.
    • R, Came with a 1600 type II engine, (AS88344) type I tin ware and single carb.
    • N, New Eagle SS MkIII VW body, not a complete kit but direct from Eagle.

    Delivered to Cheltenham by Roy himself in a week for only £1,600, with glass and dash, no door cards, roof panel or seats. Went straight onto rolling chassis which was ready and waiting. When I handed over the cash I said, “well, that should cover the overheads this month”, he said, ”You don’t know how right you are”, I think things might have been getting a bit tight even 3 ½ years before they closed down.

    • S, D, Bedford Rascal seats, recovered by Intatrim of Telford for £150 pair in own facing cloth.
    • N, MJ Exhaust Sport recliners in Red and black,
    • N, Universal runners x pair. Europa Spares
    • D, Smiths Tachometer, speedo, (740 RPM) fuel, temp, volt gauge, all from Triumph range, (1500/2000)
    • S, Gear shift from Skoda 1399 Rapide
    • S, Handbrake from Volvo 244
    • S, Adjustable steering column from Triumph Dolomite c/w light switch, ignition switch, wiper and light stalks.
    • S, Smiths speedo frame and rotor for making a transducer.
    • F, Fabricated dash with tri-pod centre binnacle, D,
    • F, Centre console, Re-designed twice and now D for all metal unit F,
    • F, Head lining panel with off while perforated lining.
    • N, Chrome bulls eye vents
    • N, Ventilation pipe connection panel
    • N, 2 x 1m 63mm ducts
    • F, Smoked plastic for dash cover, curved
    • N, VW MKII golf door catches
    • N, VW striker pins
    • N, 6” allot ‘air-con’ ducts for fan (right scoop) and cooler (left scoop).
    • N, Simon gear knob and hand brake handle,
    • F, gear shift boot and hand brake cover
    • N, puncture kit, foam, plugs, compressor and gloves all in alloy case in boot.
    • D, 10” red steering wheel, had to change it, got dated and somehow the plastic grip went all sticky
    • N, 10” red steering wheel
    • N, triumph to Momo 6 hole steering wheel adaptor
    • D, Black sued dash cover, went brown and shrunk in the sun.
    • D, Red tri-dial consul and dash in red leather, beginning to wish I had kept this on the original dash now.
    • D, Several yards of leather, leather cloth, foam, glue, tape and staples.

    Chassis, fuel & brakes;
    • N, Sway away front adjusters
    • N, HD roll bar
    • N, Poly suspension bushes all round
    • N, Poly – s/s roll bar mounting kit
    • N, Bugpack rear disc conversion kit
    • N, Spring plate retainers
    • R, 1303 gearbox after 1300 one broke doing doughnuts
    • N, 15x8 and 15x10 Moonshine chrome modular wheels from Midland Wheel Supplies.
    • N, Chrome wheel bolts
    • N, Hub centres, alloy.
    • N, security wheel bolts
    • N, Goodrich brake lines
    • F, All new copper brake and clutch lines and fittings
    • N, 225/65-15 and 255/65-16 tyres, Cooper Cobra GT from Milton Keynes Tyres, (255 no longer available, considered by Cooper as a ”dirty size” ?)
    • N, Wilwood 4 pot callipers
    • N, Ventilated front disc from VW Heritage
    • F, Large slab or alloy for caliper brackets and some thick wall alloy tubing for spacers
    • F, Steel for 3” dropped floor,(slopping)
    • N, Locost triple pedal set with balance bar.
    • N, Three Land Rover Hydraulic cylinders, F brake, R brake, Clutch.
    • S, CNC hydraulic Throttle conversion, Possible D soon and back to (simple) cable.
    • F, Alloy ‘checker plate’, floor overlays and bulkhead facing.
    • F, False rear bulkhead, removable panels for electric (left) and sub woofer (right)
    • S, Triumph 2000 MkII fuel tank.
    • N, ‘Aero’ style filler and neck
    • S, Filler hose, Citroen I think.
    • N, An fuel pipe
    • N, Flat headed coach bolts for chassis/body mounting to allow flush fitting of carpets.
    • N, GRP (red) racing battery box with lid

    Engine and Transmission;
    • N, Alloy louver for oil cooler
    • N, Bugpack alloy center mounting engine fan housing
    • N, Center mounting alternator stand kit
    • N, 55a Alternator
    • N, Alloy cylinder covers
    • N, Type II under cylinder deflectors
    • N, 044 heads with large s/s swirl valves
    • N, A&A 1641cc piston & cylinder kit
    • N, Scat bolt on rocker shaft
    • N, Scat swivel foot tappets
    • N, Double race valve springs
    • N, Moly chrome push rods set
    • N, race lifters
    • N, Engle 110 cam
    • N, Scat alloy cut cam gear
    • N, Scat forged, balanced, crank.
    • N, Scat ‘H’ section con-rods
    • N, crankcase insert set.
    • N, 12.5 Lb balanced flywheel.
    • N, Moly chrome flywheel bolt
    • N, Racing Pilot bearing
    • N, Kennedy 1700 clutch
    • N, Saco clutch slave cylinder saver bracket
    • N, comp, friction disc
    • N, K&S Main and cam bearings
    • N, DellOrto inlet manifolds
    • S, 30DHLA carbs, D,
    • S, 35 DHLA carbs
    • N, Air filters
    • N, Throttle link kit, much modified to fit behind fan housing
    • N, Pertronix “Ignitor” ignition kit
    • N, Pertronix “Flamethrower” HT coil
    • N, Bosh plugs
    • N, Chrome 009 distributor
    • N, Red plastic dizzy cap
    • N, red silicon leads 8mm
    • N, Billet HT coil holder
    • N, Billet Pump blanking plate
    • N, Full flow hi pressure oil pump
    • N, remote oil filter kit
    • N, Electric fuel pump mounted left chassis arm.
    • N, Fuel pressure regulator, set to 3 bar
    • N, Glass and S/S filter
    • N, AN fittings, various and braided SS/s pipes.
    • N, Dynaflo, NASCA racing oil cooler.
    • N, 7” cooler fan
    • N, Thermal fan switch 80?
    • N, Oil pressure switch
    • N, Oil temp sensor
    • F, Blanking plate for oil filler pipe on Type II to take oil temp sensor.
    • N, 1.5L extended sump.
    • N, power puller
    • N, chrome alternator puller
    • N, Chrome fan pulley nut
    • N, Chrome crank puller bolt
    • N, Chrome alternator mounting panel
    • N, S/S alternator strap
    • N, Scat breather box
    • N, S/s breather hoses
    • N, Ahnendorp B.A.S. 4-1-2 exhaust system with F, 2” s/s tail pipes and 4” fabric hangers
    • N, Alloy rocker cover, bolt-on.
    • N, S/S cover bolts
    • N, Alloy oil filler tube
    • N, Billet oil filler cap
    • N, AN oil breather pipe to Scat breather box
    • N, Chrome dip stick
    • N, S/S Allen bolts and nuts all over engine where possible.
    • N, Red swing axle boots

    • S, ? 7” radio, DVD, Rear view, T.V, (None GPS at the moment but soon,,,,) unit.
    • S ?. (undecided) Pioneer KEX 900M radio, (best ever pioneer made)
    • S, Pioneer M50 CD unit
    • S, Pioneer FM unit
    • N, Soundlab 4x120 amp
    • N, Soundlab 2x120 amp
    • N, 2X Alpine 8” three way speakers
    • N, 2x6 Ό” three way speakers
    • N, 1x10 Alpine 300w sub woofer
    • N, 2x2” two way tweeters
    • N, Alpine fader unit, rear to sub balance
    • N, Rear view camera

    Undecided as to the head unit(s) yet, the Pioneer is the best there is, even 30 years old but the 7” multi unit is more in keeping with the style of the car.

    Electronics, lights, accessories, gadgets & wiring;
    • N, 55amh battery
    • N, Earth strap, braided to chassis mounts over axle.
    • N, Battery clip on terminal, Poss.
    • N, Neg, Battery terminal, brass.
    • N, Battery lead junction box
    • N, yards of corrugated trunking and ‘P’ clips.
    • N, F, miles of correct colour coded thin wall wiring from VWS
    • N, Several various multi connectors, Molex, spade, waterproof, etc
    • S, 7” headlights from Mini. Inc rims
    • D, Side light/indicator units from Jaguar, ditched in favour of LED combo units
    • N, 9x LED units fog lights mounted as a single unit under sidelights
    • N, 9 LED indicator/sidelight combo units, mounted above fogs
    • N, Horns, Fiam, Halfords
    • S, Rear light and panel assembly from Cavalier GL MkII
    • S, MG Maestro digital display and computer, (computer since ditched as unnecessary and annoying). Part D
    • N, Mini green LED volt meter, built into MG instruments idiot light panel
    • N, Single RED flashing LED when ignition off
    • N, Cobra alarm, LED, Ultrasonic, immobiliser, and door open command.
    • S, MG speedo sender, fitted to above but double segments.
    • N, Wiper, (2 speed) hazard, Fog, boot open, front fog, rocker switches,
    • N, 20mm SS buttons for door poppers.
    • S, Vauxhall Cavalier boot popper solenoids x 3, 2xdoors +1x boot
    • N, Two sensor reversing alarm
    • S, Wiper motor from BLMC Mini-
    • S, Wiper arms (pantograph) from Volvo coach.
    • N, Wiper blade from Halfords
    • N, 40 LED interior light conversion to Mini original.
    • N, 2 x 40 LED panels as puddle lights on door opening
    • N, 12v mini battery pack for inside doors
    • S, Ford tailgate micro switches for puddle lights
    • N, Flasher relay Std 4x21+5 unit
    • N, Four way Skoda tailgate contact panel for connecting doors to dashboard ends
    • N, Brake light switch
    • N, Handbrake switch
    • N, Reversing light/camera switch
    • N, four way Maxi fuses for amps, (also carries cable onto starter)
    • N, 3 x rocker switches for display LEDs, Under surround, interior & engine bay)
    • N, 3 x 120 LED blue strips , (2 x down inside of sills plus 1 across front behind splitter)
    • N, 6 x 30 LED red strips interior
    • N, String of 8 LED lamps for engine bay.
    • Combined two 9x LED units to replace Jag sidelights
    • D, Jaguar third brake light on boot lid, looked so bolt on, just like on Jag’.
    • N, Third brake light above rear window
    • N, 10 way fuse box,
    • N, Relay box to match
    • N, Universal washer container and pump
    • S, Ford Escort three speed fan, (Only Medium and fast used)

    To come;
    • N, Some kind of bonnet catch better looking that the cupboard / lever type.
    • F, 3D Carbon fibre to bonnet, doors and boot, like a Konig I saw.
    • F, A post trims
    • F, New all metal frame for the centre console/handbrake cover/armrest, covered in red and black carbon fibre ‘cloth’ I found that matched the seat perfectly in colour and texture.
    • F, Better head lining panel, thinner, existing off white perf’ lining.
    • F, Inner door panels, 3D shape, covered in same red and black with the grey carpet on lower part.
    • N, Fit strikers
    • ?, Need to check on this, “able to adjust/reposition drivers mirror from driver’s seat”, (with fixed windows!)
    • N, Fit sidelights, holes already cut, brackets made but need bonding to back of nose, wired up and connectors fitted, and working.
    • Continue with cleaning up the cabin wiring loom, about half done now.
    • Reseal windscreen, asked Carglass / Autoglass for a quote (insured) to remove, clean and reseal. Seen it done on wheeler dealers, so they should be able to do it, only 20% of the mastic is still in contact with the screen and IF they crack it THEY buy a new one, better spend £100 than DIY and crack it myself.
    • Looking into auto opening doors, I have the command remote unit and relays but looking at replace gas struts with 12V 8” actuators rather that all the fuss and noise of hydraulics, one for each door with independent control via remote. Will need to beef up mounting brackets and spread the load though or I will get local damage.
    • Recess the bonnet emblem so some B****rd doesn’t dig it off the nose.

    And after tea!

    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    Damn scary list Peter!

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    Using bullet points and splitting the items up into categories like 'Interior', 'Mechanicals' might have made it easier to read but I think I made it through every item. It's always amazing how many parts go into these car builds. I like the idea of asking an insured company to remove and/or re-fit the windscreen.

    Enjoy doing the rest of the list.

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    I aim to please, see amended post,
    One reason I wrote, "So you want to build a kit car", was to try and prepare owners of the seemingly never ending demand on time, wallet and family. But they still do it and six months down the line.... I don't think, (no really, I don't) that folks realise that this is a typical list over a few years, Oh! And about £7,500,oo and hundreds of hours in the process. Many get away with the basics and some go BONKERS with $4,000 engines and custom paint jobs etc. but at the end of the day it's ALL about doing your OWN thing.

    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter
    Oh! And about £7,500,00 and hundreds of hours in the process.
    Er, I hope you mean C7,500.00 I think spending £7.5 thousand would be a tad excessive on an Eagle SS.

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    Seven thousand five hundred POUNDS stirling of which two thousand went on engine and transmission. (probably 350 quid on shipping as most of the engine came from Scat/Bugpack). Which, when compared to one of the Stirling owners who spend close to four thousand dollars on his engine alone (and yes a VW one.) and a UK owner whose respray and retrim alone came to over 3 grand it's not too much. I would price it up but it's too dam depressing, and the missis might see it

    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Re: Peter's Eagle SS

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter
    some go BONKERS
    That would be me then

    Although I haven't spent four grand on an engine yet, and the paint still needs attention...

    Point taken though, hopefully your cautionary tale will steer novice owners down the right path - which is to be realistic in your aims and derive the MAXIMUM enjoyment from your car, whether it is on the road or immobile in the garage (I've heard some people prefer to build than drive).

    Good luck to you all!

    only Pythagoras can save me now!

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