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Thread: Peter's Eagle SS

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    Europe really isn't specialist car-friendly, is it?

    I don't know how eagle-eyed your MoT testers are out there, but my home-made LED indicators seem to get by OK by dint of the "E" marked Land Rover reversing light fresnel lenses I cut down to fit over them. Could you find a similarly marked clear lens (plastic, obviously) and cut it down to fit?

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    Spain certainly isn't, even owning a classic or historic car can be a pain with reports, inspections etc. You have to remember that Spain didn't really come into mass car ownership until the 60s with the SEAT (FIAT) 500 so they don't have the same regard for cars and no history of self build at all. All a 18 to 30 year old is interested in is living at home and buying his first NEW car, usually a SEAT Ibiza or VW Polo/Golf.

    There is a fair chance I will be OK as the inspector will probably be in awe of the car and skip a few 'technical' issues but you never know but I am sure I will not get away with saying they have been there for years and so pre-date the Feb 2011 E4 R87 ruling.

    Just received (yet another) packet from those excellent people at Vehicle Wiring Products with a master strip fuse and holder as I realised I had no protection between battery and everything else, this will fit next to the battery connection terminal box and a jumbo 40A fuse and holder for the 'switched' side of things too for the central connection board. Trying to simplify everything down to either +30 live or +15 ignition with no acc.

    Talking to a guy on Ebay who sells proximity key-less entry alarms and three stage starter buttons that will give me the same thing but with the option of an acc on the first stab of the button, (second one starts car, third stops it all.) He owns a Caterham so will do me a deal on the two units and combo postage, could be a discount in it for all of us all too. As the system has a transponder (in your pocket) no need for an ignition key as the alarm activates when you get within 2 meters and again switches off and arms car when you walk away. Option on a Nova would be activate electrics and open roof on approach with manual closure once seated, manual opening and then auto close when you walk away.
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    Managed to get to the shed, (had to pay the rent anyway) and the parts from V.W.P had arrived so I fitted them, as you do.
    'er in doors has banned me from working on cars until next week, dono why only a small scratch.
    whole new meaning to 'getting it in the neck'

    New master fuse from battery to, everything.

    And from main 180amp relay to all things switched

    Next job, two insulated post for live and switched next to fuse and relay boxes so I can run separate wires to each fuse/relay rather than a jumble of linked and jumped wires in a jumble at the back. To which end 5m red, 5m white and 50 6.4 spade terminals bought too.
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    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Once upon a Christmas morn’ I sat waiting for the Turkey to cook and the smell was driving my taste buds into overdrive and started me thinking what I would like for my birthday on the 31st, apart from knocking 30 years off the clock.

    My dream car sprang to mind. Now I know that by the time I could afford and build it I would be way too old and creaky to get in and out of it, I have enough of a struggle with the SS and that's with lower sides and a QD steering wheel but it doesn't stop one thinking, "What if".

    So it would be a Nova derivative, for the same perverse reason as the rest of you, I love the basic shape and love it or hate it would be based on the Noreca as this is in my humble opinion the latest version of the classic 40 year old Richard Oaks design and Dave’s American ‘Sterling’ is way too expensive. Not 100% keen on the ‘pram handle’ but the higher roof, the front, bonnet and headlight upgrade tick my boxes.

    So, with the bodywork all taken care of it only leaves the chassis and running gear.
    Now I know the Noreca is made to drop onto a VW ‘kipper’ and be a simple ‘bolt on’ conversion but VW beetles are becoming harder to buy at a sensible price and who can blame the beetle fans, buy a sub-£1,000 beetle clunker, spend £5k on it and have a £8k+ classic beetle or use it for a kit car and end up with a £4k kit car. No brainer.

    Having watched far too many episodes of “American Hotrod” and the chaos that was Boyd Coddinton’s I like the idea of an all alloy chassis like ‘Alutub’ .

    Following a slightly wider version of the VW floor’s footprint but with 4” x 3” alloy box section and the alloy floor fixed on the underside and body with the original VW fixing flange cut off and then the tub fixed to a vertical flange on top, (sort of squared ‘d’ shape), with nutserts/rivnuts rather than horizontally thereby increasing inner width by a good 2 ½ “. The centre tunnel slightly taller and slimmer at the top but only slightly narrower at the base so creating an angled side, stronger than a rectangular box and more room for seat cushions sides. Cross section shape retained for fitting front and rear bulkheads. Extended to the front with wishbones and in-board coil overs.
    So, with that in mind I was thinking a complete engine about 120 to 150hp and auto box mid mounted on it’s subframe with a trailing arm rear suspension and inboard cantilever (motorcycle type) suspension.

    The canopy lifting would be hydraulic but using a hydraulic a capacitor, allowing fast silent opening and smooth closing using solenoid valves and ‘bear claw’ locking catch with electronic unlocking synced to the open command.

    Interior would be custom made, no bolt in bits from other cars with a one piece seat/center assemble (bit like the rear seat in a sports coupe) and moving pedals and steering (QD of course), high end trim but minimalist but space age with touch screen tablets for info screen and speedo/gauges and camera mirrors etc.
    keyless proximity alarm/unlocking with touch starter, etc. similar to the system I am developing now, all the whistle, bells and gadgets in other words, whilst keeping the actual functioning part of the electrics for engine, lights and fuel etc as simple as possible. Electronic handbrake might be an option too.
    Nice set of alloy wheels with 60 profile, not a fan of 40 or 45s, too dam hard on the but and suspension.

    Oh, and in SILVER metallic. It's dammed hot out here. contrasting interior, possibly blue and white like the new Smart Cars
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    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Happy birthday Peter, mine is the day after, New years day. Oh to go back thirty years or rather be thirty years younger, have often thought about this and decided that the world has changed so much in my lifetime I don't think I would want to, except I could avioid my first marriage and be a hell of alot richer for it but such is life.

    Your ideas on the car are thought provoking though, Happy Birthday and Happy New Year.
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    Entering my 70th year tomorrow and feeling a bit morose ( so apology's already ) regarding our cars and basically wondering just how serious we owners are about getting a Nova/SS back on the road and it seems a lot of us are tinkering as a hobby (much like me) as and when the mood takes them rather than a balls out effort to get finshed, all legal and stuff .

    I have recently been, 'advised' on "Autoshite" to "lighten up" about the total loss of yet another two SSs, as they are regarded as "ugly" and "disposable plastic shite nobody wants" and if ALL the Nova/SSs disappeared we would just move onto another vehicle to mess about with, a view obviously shared by the owners of the rather sad remains of some incapable persons efforts from years past who also have lost interest, (ability, space, money, support, etc) and 'binned' their efforts and just quietly slipped away from our forums and shows, sorry, one remaining show.

    I know many fall by the drive side for the reasons given in "So you want to build a kit car" and things are certainly not getting any easier, even with an improvement in the economy, (really ) cash is still tight and the cost of a second 'fun car' is not getting any less expensive even with a slight drop in fuel prices and with cars on Ebay going unsold for as little as the cost of it's screen alone rather adds weight to my view, no one wants them. Stirling cars in the USA have stopped producing complete kits for sale and only make parts to order and sales of Noreca GTs (at $6,800 per body kit, plus shipping) are "disappointing" according to their sales manager and they have recently only sold a few parts as 'upgrades' to Stirling's such as headlight pods for quad projectors and one hood.

    Should I then be content and accept the fact that of the 30 (of a total over 2,000 cars) or so I know to be in various stages of 'project mode' on our forums maybe as few as three will ever see the light of day? I know many will jump up and say, "mine will, any day now", but really, seriously, will it? So many things getting in the way, family, housing, 'real' cars, money/jobs, etc.
    It seems we are loosing completed, road going cars faster than 'new' ones are appearing .

    The opinions expressed in my posts may not be made in a sound mind and should be taken in the spirit intended, Jack Daniels is fine.
    Some people see things as they are and ask why? I dream things that never were and ask, why not?” JFK

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    Hi all.
    First of all happy birthday Peter Hope its a good one

    With regards to "will many of our cars make it onto the road" well that is down to a few things listed by yourself. But you also may want to add the lack of interest that people have when it comes to getting their hands dirty these days as well. So new comers maybe short on the ground.

    I'm not sure if this is down to cars just getting harder to play around with or just people are not as interested as they use to be. But one thing for sure is when one of our cars hits the road there are plenty of people around who wish they could have one.

    As for money:- These are hobbies & some how the money can be found all be it over sometime. For some our projects are kept moving on, on what seems like a shoe string for what we get out of them. It also depends on how far you want to go. Everyone is different.

    Then there is "what is your build to you"? For me its about learning. I've said it over & over again. Add to that years ago i picked up a Custom Car mag & there was a Nova!! The kitcar building rose tinted glasses where on all be it in 1970 something & i was still at school....

    Move on some years. I can now combine the two & I'm doing it. Learning new skills, because I have some spare time for hobbies I never had years ago & the chance to own a Nova.

    One thing i would say is I set aside a lump of cash in the bank before i started this build so i could learn what I wanted to & practice on a car I wanted. So all of the big stuff could be paid for which has helped no end.

    As for if many of our cars will make it to the road? Well looking at the amount of work that's gone on on this forum over the past year or so & the help people give I would say there are some great builds coming on & in good numbers. More than when i first joined so it can only be "Yes"

    Keep the faith Peter.........

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    All is not lost.
    Yesterday a family were attracted to our workshop by my Ultima parked outside.
    They came in for a look around at the variety of cars we have in.
    Young Son (I estimate at about 12) pointed to the back of the shop and said 'Is that a Nova? cool'.
    Knew plenty about them and was more interested in that than anything else we have in.
    So there is hope for the future.


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    If it’s any consolation, mine will be finished and roadworthy again soon…..hmmm….that sounds familiar….but then again I have been saying that to anyone that will listen for the last 25 years!!

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    Hi Peter - happy birthday. Please don't be down-hearted. Birthdays are often an occasion for reflection, but don't listen to the likes of Autosh... I can't even say the word - they most certainly do not reflect the majority view.

    Novas and Eagles will always be more accessible to people who could never afford an Italian exotic. The ebay listings are full of forlorn cases, and prices remain stubbornly low. In many cases, the new owner's ambition exceeds their talent, and so the shell rapidly becomes unsavable. This doesn't happen to classic Fezzas or Lambos, which are almost always sympathetically restored, although in the 1970s this wasn't always the case.

    So numbers of servicable cars will inevitably decline, I suspect until the Nova becomes as rare as kit cars from the 1960s like the Rochdale GT or Falcon Caribbean. At this point only the very best examples of the Nova and Eagle marque will be preserved, allowing the cars to restore some of their tarnished reputation. Until then, I fear that the likes of Autosh... will continue to mess around with this classic exotic car shape.

    The other issue affecting your enjoyment of the Eagle is the legislative climate in Europe with regard to kit cars. While there is clearly a desire to emulate this policy in the UK, it is much more difficult to get the horses back into the fold once they are out in the open; kit cars have been part of British motoring subculture for decades, and there is also a strong parts supply industry which would also close down if specialist cars were outlawed. Even if new kits fall foul of legislation, classic kits, like classic cars, will be harder to get rid of.

    At an Italian car show a couple of years back I was intrigued to see a 116-series Guilietta Turbo which retained it's Italian registration. The (English) owner simply drives the car back to Italy every summer for its annual MoT. Could your Eagle be UK registered in the same way? Or does it have to remain away from Spain for more than 6 months of the year to qualify?

    I can't imagine there would be a better way of celibrating a birthday than getting behind the wheel of your own machine, and blatting around some of the great roads I am sure you have found!

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