Things are coming along nicely - a few more things sorted (or started). I discovered that the lights I sourced for the back-end can also be used on the front as the pods fit the slope of the front undertray.
The lights from a Fiat Coupe were originally indicator / reversing but I intend to use them as LED indicator repeater / side light:

Not sure if they may be too low and not conform to some regulation - can always take the lamps out and use the pods as air intakes to cool the front discs

Also decided to fill the gap at the side of the headlamp area - first one done.

And am considering cutting the bonnet (at the blue line) and glassing the top section in permanently, and then making the front section front hinged.

As the space under this area is unusable for anything significant and will allow me to open the bonnet with the roof open (which otherwise you can't do if it's front hinged).