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Thread: Micks Red Nova

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    ...oh $#@#, what a mess. The recovery guy should pay for that! Can't believe he wouldn't take advice...
    Is this recovery as given via the insurance company?

    Really feel for you; must have felt like yet another kick in the teeth...

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    Quote Originally Posted by islandman View Post
    OMG, that looks really bad! Glad to hear everyone is OK though.

    As for the Nova it looks like a job for Andy Westgate who repaired Jim's Nova body.
    David - I think Andy could do it for sure, but cost would be the issue as a lot of time would be needed. However, I am sure he could help with an estimate for u surance purposes.

    Mick - let me know if you want me to put you in touch?

    Absolutely shocking news, so glad no injuries sustained. Someone fired a question into CKC to see if you were ok as they recognised the car from the show, so we will let them know.

    Really impressed at how the tub dealt with it though and kept you safe.
    All the best,


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    Good to see everyone is ok. That is some nasty damage, but with some hard work & skill should be saveable. A 'reek down here back in the '70's (I believe) got the entire nose of the car from just in front of the leading edge of the roof forward. A partial body tub, the front undersill and it was back on the road after some hard graft. I think there were some mechanical gubbuns under the front end that needed replacing too. Happened when they were t-boned going through an intersection and someone ran a red light/stop sign. These cars are tougher than many thing.

    Keep positive.

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    Thanks to everyone for all the support and best wishes; nothing less than I would have expected from our close community of Nova enthusiasts.

    I am now in the realms of 'insurance claim land' so am not expecting anything to move fast. I need to supply a bunch of photos of the damage to the assessors so will see where it goes from there.

    Thanks for the offer regarding fb repair but I think my first enquiry will be to the guys in Belgium for a price on new tub, front under tray and rear valance.


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    Can't believe how much more damage the recovery has done

    I'd have been so monumentally angry, and no doubt have let them know in no uncertain terms!

    Keep us up to date with your progress through the insurance, I'm sure we'll pull together to help you where we can
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    I feel your pain, I had to have mine recovered about 20 years ago whenI blew up its second VW engine. I was a nervous wreck as the recovery guy started to try and attach hooks to the fibreglass to winch it on to the trailer. They just don't listen !

    I'm sure you must be totally devastated given all your hard work on the car,hopefully the insurance will cover most if not all of the costs.

    Looking on the bright side at least you can now redo all those little bits that we all have in our cars that we wish we had done differently.

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    Shocking pics and it just had to be a bmw x series, see a complete idiot on the road and he will usually have one of these.
    Do not let the other insurance right it off unless you are happy with the offer, they must fix it whatever the cost.
    Get a hire car asap, even if you do not need it, it gets the other party moving quicker as costs mount.
    This is an open forum and insurance companies can now know that some of the damage was caused by recovery company and might act on info.
    If they want info on Novas, they will come here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicksRedNova View Post
    This is what greeted us at the recovery compound in Newport, Wales this morning

    As suspected when the recovery guy rejected my offer of assistance to load my car on the hard shoulder and basically told me to "Go away and leave me alone" he did more damage by not understanding a Nova. It looks like he used a ratchet strap on the roof and tightened it down till the upper hinge plates folded in half leaving the roof mangled, but at least the screen survived. It looks like he also used the stainless exhaust to winch the car on the transporter, as the right silencer now sits 4 inches lower.

    However, thanks to Ray & Gary's Nova recovery service MicksRedNova is now back at chez Mick. Thanks guys. It even started and was driveable onto the trailer.

    That is terrible Mick, really annoys me when someone will not listen to advice and then does more damage. They probably think that any damage they cause will be covered by the insurance. I definitely would show the pictures of before and after recovery to the insurers, just in case they quibble any damage that is unlikely to have happened in the actual collision.

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    Shocking, that's all I can say. I'm utterly speechless. The strength of the Nova shell I can attest to, unfortunately through personal experience (oops), but the level of incompetence shown by the recovery firm... well, at least you are OK. Hopefully the insurance will cover the damage.
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    Well Mick, it looks like the recovery driver solved any issues you had with air flow through the cabin!!!

    Plonker, what a . They never listen to those that do know. At least it is now in your possession so no further injury can come to it. Hope that his insurance company are on the ball. When I was chasing the other party that shoved my Eureka under the wife's car I eventually had to threaten them with the financial ombudsman's department before they got the act together.

    Have you managed to assess the chassis & front suspension yet?


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