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Thread: Pog's sterling....

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    hee-hee! I had a "plan" too...that went out the window as soon as I took possession. Of course, you're not buying yours blindly and having it delivered (smart move!), so you can see what you're getting and walk away WITH your money if you don't like what you see when you get there. Good luck!
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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    I hate tailgaters.

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    Damn, I hate tailgaters. And that one seems to be missing a bonnet!!

    ('grats on the purchace!!).

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    Nice! How was/is the car now that you actually have it?

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    Bonnet was in the bed of the truck... along with the rear louver and rear lower valence.

    As far as how is the car, well I think that's a 2 part question. I love the look of it even more in person, the body of this once was poorly painted (nothing was masked when it was sprayed) but very little glassing is needed, mostly filler to take care of small chips.

    Down side, besides it is pink/purple/maroon, floor pans are entirely gone even for being a California car, tires are dryrotted, interior is a mess, wiring... well there are wires, but most are hanging around. Good parts - all glass and panels are in great shape with very few minor exceptions.

    I will get some pictures tomorrow and post more details as to what is coming. I will have plenty of questions as things evolve, but first step is to strip the interior to get a better idea at what is there.

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    Quote Originally Posted by vpogv
    ...floor pans are entirely gone even for being a California car, tires are dryrotted, interior is a mess, wiring... well there are wires, but most are hanging around.
    Sounds like the "plan" is already falling apart...welcome to my world! Well, at least now you have the chance to do everything "right" and get "intimate" with your Sterling in the process. Pretty soon you'll know it's nooks and crannies better than any significant other!

    Congrats on your new toy!
    1975 Sterling
    215 ci Buick V8
    Sterling in Garage! Back to work!

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    The plan is definitely falling apart, but that's ok. My hopes will not get drowned until I have torn into it and really know the condition of the chassis. Anyways, onto the pictures.

    Pink fuzzy interior. As I have stated it is in great shape, needs cleaning and a change of color, but really should be minimal work all things considered.

    Front hood, glass has small cracks around the lock. Picture doesn't really show how much the center has drooped down. Not a total loss, but do not know if it will be worth trying to fix or best to buy another one.

    It is official, I got #293.

    Rear louvers are in great shape, little sanding and some paint will make it perfect. You can also make out the stock heater err.. I mean exhaust. This will not stay.

    This shows a handful of problems/questions.
    1) First the rear window tunnel sits ~1" beyond the body and is not sealed into the rear in anyway.
    2) Gas cap works, but will need to be modernized, more importantly though the gas tank will need to get pulled and more than likely replaced since it's been sitting w/ gas in it for going on 10+ years.

    Supposedly rebuilt engine - no rust looks in good condition. The body does suggest that it has been changed due to the cuts made for what looks like dual carbs.

    Best shot I can get right now of the floor pans. As you can see they are rusted through, but so far looks to be only in the footwells.

    And a shot for the heck of it showing the rear wheel offset and drop creating some negative camber, but nothing horrid.

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    Sweet! That does look to be in great shape! The rear window does stick out on all the cars - that's normal. The hood: Easy to fix with a little fiberglass and something to keep it propped into place while it sets. #293 is an early car - probably late '75 build...PM me with all your info and an email address, and I'll shoot you over a sheet to fill out so I can get you listed on the registry.

    Great buy, pog!

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    So the following rear weatherstripping is custom then? ... 0001&pos=1

    Rick - PM sent.

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    Re: Pog's sterling....

    Very nice!

    Pink fuzzy interior (it could give the Purple Passion a run for its money ) and candy paint with pinstripes - verrrrrry 1970's!

    And check out the shortened gear shift! I have seen countless relocations of the shift lever on Novas, but never to a location BEHIND the parking brake!

    But hey! Its a shorter linkage, probably improves the shift quality

    Rear wheel offset certainly fills the arches. The camber looks good too (up to 2° negative is OK for swing axles, less for IRS obviously...)

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